View Full Version : Replaced Parts - Still Not Running Right

09-12-2006, 07:09 AM
I have had a lot of trouble lately with my '97...here's the latest:

I was able to discover that Cylinder #8 was not firing and #7 was intermittent. I discovered this after replacing all the plugs. In both instances, #8 plug was not showing indications of firing and #7 plug showed a little evidence of firing.

I replaced the plug wires. Car ran great...for a few PCM cycles, then back to bad.

I replaced the driver's side coil pack since both #7 and #8 come from the same coil pack, which is good because O’s only had one…car fired right up, I drove it fairly spirited (it seems to choke at nearly 6000 rpm). I let it cool down during dinner, checked the 2 spark plugs and they certainly did fire!
So I drove it again down to the gas station to pressure up the tires and fill up on some gas. I was in a pretty good mood. Started up again…blah! The engine light came on and the car ran poorly again. I disconnected the battery and started and re-started the car and it ran fairly smoothly again until I got home.

This morning I read the codes, 1 of 2 and 2 of 2 were identical: P0102 MAF or VAF Circuit Low Input.

I happen to have a 80mm MAF sitting in the garage…I wonder if the oil that leaked all over the place a few months ago destroyed the current MAF? Can I replace the the MAF with the 80mm without a new tune?

I also started the car without the Superchip and it continued to run poorly…

As always, your advice is greatly appreciated!