View Full Version : How loud is the 01 w/o the cat back on???

09-13-2006, 08:11 AM
How loud is it? Reason I ask...since I got my new gears and there is no clunking like an old truck(happened since 22k and no one would fix it under warranty) there is new noises. I am relatively sure that there is rubbing w/the exhaust and I was considering a cat back addition. Maybe a magnaflow sale price seems good. However I wanted to figure out if it the exhaust creaking or if it is something else like a u joint. I am also wonsering if it possibly could be bushings in the irs. The previous two owners added 4.10 gears and beat on the car. Since I had to have the head gaskets replaced under warranty and the heads shaved that problem is gone. I did put the ms aluminum shaft on and am wondering if that is making the noises. Thought if I took off the cat back and drove around it may be a help in diagnosis of the preblem. Any suggestions?


09-13-2006, 10:29 AM
it will be considerably louder w/out the mufflers/catback hooked up and just running the mid section...i dont know exactly how bad the noises are, but dont think you'll be able to hear them w/out the catback on :thumbsup: