View Full Version : SCMC Car Show @ Montgomery's

09-16-2006, 02:20 PM

Since I only received a response from 2 people willing to help me hold our first car show, it will be canceled. This was our opportunity to have our own show. Evidently, there is no interest from the membership in Arizona to host a show!

What is everyone waiting for? We seem to have the same 3-4 people willing to do something here in Arizona! This is very frustrating. Why did you join the SVT Cobra Club if you not willing to participate?

My reason for joining was because this is a Cobra only exclusive club! I took on the roll of SWRO because no one else was willing to step up and attempt to get something going in the Southwest. To date, we have had a few events organized in California and some here in Arizona. My attempt to have our own car show failed. We had an owner willing to sponsor our event and provide food, space and prizes. The only thing I asked from you guys was some help and comments to run the event. I received 2 responses from members in the Phoenix area with ideas and willingness to help out.

With that said, I approached Jim Click Ford for sponsorship here in Tucson. Since membership in this area is so low and I can't guarantee we will get members to show for an event, they denied my request.

We will never grow the club in this area unless you all are willing to participate! At the very least, respond to e-mails with your comments and sggestions! I can't do this alone. It takes energy on your parts to make things happen.

Again thanks to the members willing to attend events and lending a hand!