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09-22-2006, 11:00 PM
Hello All!

Recently had the dealer (dumbasses) do an oil change while my 96 was in to get the clockspring replaced. This was done 250 miles ago.

Last Saturday, I took out the rack to put Prothane bushings in. That was an experience! I drove the car some Sunday and Monday.

Thursday I drove it to work and came out in the afternoon to see and oil slick under it. I also had one in the garage when I got home. This was not there when I changed the rack bushings, floor was spotless.

When I was putting the bushings in, there was some oil on the cross member and P/S hoses. I attributed that to the dumbasses at the dealer.

Thinking it was P/S leak I took it to the dealer. They said engine oil, not P/S and that it was from a bad service job at the other dealer. They cleaned it up.

I got it home tonight and crawled around underneath. Cannot seem to find where the oil is coming from. There is a little weep hole on the oil filter adapter, but nothing came out of it tonight when my wife ran the car about 3,500 RPM while I looked for leaks.

I searched the forums already, but am wondering...
1) is the the oil cooler/adapter? Did the dealer do something wrong (overtighten the filter, etc...) to make this happen?

2) is the filter wrong? It is a Motorcraft FL820S.

3) does the power steering and the hydraulic brake boost share common plumbing and driven by the same pump?

Why would this start 200 miles after the oil change?
Did I mess something up when putting the rack back on?

If it was a pan or cam cover leak, it would be all over, correct?

I tried to attach a picture, but could not. Just the drivers side of the rack and nearby P/S hose were wet.

Do you guys think it is the filter/oil cooler?


09-23-2006, 02:42 PM
OK, got it apart today. I had to buy a 1/2" allen. Crawled underneath, but the wrench on and...lo and behold the oil filter adapter tube was loose! Not even finger tight. I bet that was my problem.

Question now...how many o-rings on tube? There was only one on in the middle. Looks like there is a place for another up near the filter side.