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09-28-2006, 01:15 PM
I knew I had seen the information some where.

Our prayers have been answered! Maximum Motorsports, a company that specializes in performance suspension components for Ford Mustangs, is showing two new suspension systems for the 2005+ Ford Mustang. The front suspension system is a double A-arm independent setup to replace the stock strut configuration. The big news is in the rear, where Maximum has created an independent rear suspension system to replace the stock Mustang's solid rear axle. The vehicle concept also includes Bilstein coil-overs with Eibach springs at all four corners. We've been waiting for the aftermarket to respond to the new Mustang in this way, with competition quality aftermarket suspension components. Thanks to Eric Bryant for snatching up these pics in his coverage of the SEMA show in Las Vegas.


09-28-2006, 01:52 PM
very nice...:thumbsup:

I wonder where they got those stands that bolt to the wheel hub.....it'd be cool thing to do at a car show for those who have a suspension to show off...*cough*Larry/David/Stan*cough*

09-28-2006, 02:16 PM
You would just need two for one side of the car and keep wheels on the other side. :thumbsup: