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09-28-2006, 02:22 PM
The things we will see at the next 24 hr of Le Mans. Yeah baby, swing.

Our editor John Neff at the Paris Motor Show has snapped some shots of Peugeot's latest creation, ready to stage its attack on the 24 heures du Mans. The 908 Le Mans is a ferocious competition showcase for Peugeot's new HDi V12 also featured in the 908 RC concept sedan.

The all-aluminum 5.5-liter common-rail direct-injection twin-turbo diesel has twelve cylinders in a 100-degree V, offering a lower center of gravity. The engine produces over 700 hp in race trim, and uses an advanced particulate filter system to reduce pollution. Together with improved economy from the diesel, this makes the 908 Le Mans an exceptionally green racer. The mid-mounted longitudinal engine drives through a six-speed electro-pneumatic gearbox and a self-locking electronic differential.

The closed body-style meets new regulations and simultaneously links it aesthetically to the 905, with which Peugeot won Le Mans in both 1992 and '93. The 908 Le Mans features a monocoque construction of carbon fiber for exceptional rigidity and low weight. Dry, the 908 Le Mans tips the scales at a scant 925 kg, and measures 4650mm long by 2000 mm wide. In typical French fashion it rides on Michelin tires (and is of course painted flag-white).

More Pic's (http://www.autoblog.com/2006/09/28/paris-motor-show-peugeot-908-le-mans/) and Press Release.