View Full Version : a rear tire question if you will

Dave B.
10-01-2006, 01:23 AM
Im currently running Toyo 295/35/18's on the rear, the wheels are
AFS 10.5 wides and 18 inch,

What would be the widest tires without using a spacer to elude
"DA BOLTO DIABLO" problem??

I want to stay with a 295/35 set, and I heard the Michelin Pilot Sport
is the widest of the 295/35 tires, at $375 each anyone else heard that??

P.S.---im not looking for drag racing tires, I used to have a pair of 315's with spacers untire a local guy lost a wheel because of the leverage factors that act on the studs with spacers

10-01-2006, 07:09 AM
I think the issue may be part due to the back spacing of the 10.5 inch wheel.

I would consider how much clearance you already have with the 10.5 inch wheel with the Toyo's. If you go wider it may lead to issues. There may be an alternative to the lower profile, say a slightly taller tire in the next size down in witdth. That would increase the effective tire footprint since there would be more rubber making contact than with a relatively short sidewall which would require more air pressure. In comparrison, I have more grip with a 275/40 -17x9 that I had with the 285/35-18x10 on the street. And about the same performance at the track, although I did run slightly better on the 18x10 285's but not much to brag about 12.597 during a test and tune event, typically low 13's to high 12's is where I wind up on Friday nights for street leagal grudge racing at the local track.

10-01-2006, 08:11 PM
I run the BFG KDW in a 295/35 - 18 without any issues, but I've got a solid axle in mind.

I ran a Goodyear GS/D3 in a 315 which is over .75" wider than any other brand in the same size on a 10.5 wheel without any issues with the IRS.