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10-14-2006, 09:20 AM
I will appologized in advance for what is most likely a stupid question....

I have been driving my '04 cobra for 2 years now, and have no idea why the 03-04 cars are refered to as "Terminators". I have had a few folks use this reference about my car and just did not ask. Now that I see how often this description is used here.......I must know!

BTW: I did do a forum search before posting this question.



10-14-2006, 07:22 PM

When the 03 Cobras came out in 2002, they were dubbed by Ford SVT as "Terminators". The car came out with 390 hp and 390 torque. That's another reason why they were referred to as Terminators. If you get under your car and look at the inside of the bumper covers, both front and back, on the part number code you will read the word "Terminator" on it so the production line would know it was a Cobra bumper cover. If you take off the shifter cover, you will see the word "Terminator" labelled on some of those parts, too. The word is on several more parts and the snake on the side fenders were supposed to have red eyes, like the Terminators did in the move "The Terminator".

Mostly though, I'd like to believe that our intro to our website has a snake with glowing red eyes, long before the Terminator came out and since our site gets 2 to 4 million hits a month, Ford personnel most likely browsed our site and may have used our intro to help them with the code name. Not fact, just my theory.