View Full Version : When does a New Eatons need to be put in?

10-15-2006, 09:40 PM
My Terminator has about 45,000 miles.... In neutral it boost full 8 lbs. but when trying to boost from 2k rmps in first or second, a "thumbling" noise occurs when it's trying to reach max 8 lbs. and hardly any speed is felt. At first I though it was the tires, and it was the traction control preventing it? or could it need new spark plugs and a tune up??? i'm soo sad, i fell like it could get beat by stock gt's. :(

10-16-2006, 01:31 AM
Got any more info?

Big T
10-16-2006, 09:36 PM
does it feel like a hesitation? Could be spark plug misfire. Do you have the stock plugs? Do you have the stock tune in it?

10-17-2006, 07:19 AM
That does not sound all that good. I would almost rule out the clutch but that was my first thought based on the sound. If it was the clutch slipping, the RPMs would shoot up when it slips. Big T may be on the right track if your sparkplugs have not been inspected for some time. For optimum performance the plugs should be inspected every so often or replaced at specified intervals (40k is typical when to replace plugs regardless if platinum or not). If the plugs are worn out, that would result in hesitation, stubling and loss of power since the spark has a much larger gap to travel. Once you cross over the 5k rpm range, the spark timming increases and if the plugs are worn out you would get a missfire which may not trigger the "check engine light".

The MAF sensor may be dirty resulting in poor air flow readings.

The main culprit is buildup inside the intake plenum since the EGR and PCV valve contribut to this issue. This buildup will coat the back side of the throttle plate as well as the boost bypass valve including the intercooler. Too much flow of the PCV valve may cause issues if the valve is sticking.

What I have seen with mine, while not in gear I cannot get any boost to register on the boost guage regardless of throttle position (I may not pushed the RPM up high enough) , but when moving it works just fine. I sure hope what you are experiencing is not detonation. That would cause a drop in performance considerably.

10-18-2006, 06:39 AM
other ideas to come to mind, sour gasoline is one thought. It is a guess but if this issue occured suddenly it may be related to the fuel. Also, the fuel filter may also cause issues if it becomes clogged. The engine will consume more fuel when under load than when sitting still.

A few things that would bog your motor down when under load
Faulty fuel pump or pick up screen
Clogged fuel filter
Fuel pressure regulator issue
sour gasoline or low grade fuel
Worn out spark plugs
clogged fuel injector(s)
Burned out O2 sensor(s) = causes engine to run in limp mode and very rich
Vacuum leak
Overheating (water pump or thermostat) = limp mode and retard on timming
High intercooler temperature
Lack of air flow metering from the MAF
Clogged Cats
Running too rich
Running too lean (results in pining or detonation)
Extremely low battery voltage or shorted cell in battery
Lack of alternator charge
Cracked ignition coil
Water or fluids under the coil cover
Faulty ground circuit