View Full Version : 95 Chrome Cobra Rs F/S with Dunlop 275/35/18s

10-20-2006, 11:56 PM
Rims are in good shape,18x9s, Some small chrome spots has been peeled away from the inside because of the placement of the weights for balancing, The Dunlop SPs are in good shape but the rears have scrapes from fenders rubbing because I never rolled my fenders plus the Dragon got a hold of them once. Otherwise the wheels are beautiful, Always been kept clean, I keep a coat of Zaino polish on them to keep them looking new.

http://f10.putfile.com/thumb/7/20817145477.jpg (http://www.putfile.com/pic.php?img=3109018)

http://img1.putfile.com/thumb/9/26912100569.jpg (http://www.putfile.com/pic.php?img=3513078)
http://img1.putfile.com/thumb/9/26912100672.jpg (http://www.putfile.com/pic.php?img=3513079)