View Full Version : Whats that burning smell???

10-21-2006, 07:44 PM
Oh that would be my stock clutch at 45K on the odometer. It's a '01 in a stock configuration, just a set of UD pulleys. Itís still drivable but under a load it is starting to slip pretty nicely. Any thoughts on a good flywheel/pressure plate/clutch combo. Also looking for quadrant ideas too. Since the car is a weekend warrior, I'm not so concerned about how heavy it feels when engaging/disengaging, and I actually prefer the feel of a heavy clamping force. Suggestions taken, advice is accepted. Let me know what y'all think about my situation.

10-22-2006, 08:15 AM
A Centerforce Dual Friction setup would probably work well with your combination and keep the stock clutch feel. We prefer RAM Powergrip HD's with steel flywheels, but they tend to be a little chattery on take-off's. As for the clutch quadrant, Fiore, UPR, Steeda all make good one's.

10-22-2006, 11:37 AM
I feel your pain, had the same problem with my clutch but after it was replaced. Even after a 2000 mile break in I can smell it burning every once in a while but only when pulling out. Turned out to be a differential gasket leak that caused the buring smell. Not too pleased with the stock replacement I have now.

Based on your milage, it would be better to replace the flywheel along with the face plate (pressure plate) and clutch disk. Steel has a tendancy to form cracks or micro fractures from the heat/cool cycles and will eventually fail if you keep the stock flywheel. If you keep it, the worse thing that could happen is it will remove itself from the driveline and cause some damage to the transmission or crankshaft end. I have already lost a flywheel in a much weaker vehicle and it was not a pretty sight (it did not leave the bell housing but did cause a considerable amount of damage). Had 120k miles on it at that time. It finnaly died at 265k miles (still ran but the unibody frame cracked apart so I literally drove it into the ground).

When replacing the flywheel, you may want to have the rear seal replaced as well since that too has a life span.

When you get the clutch and pressure plate, best to get new and not rebuilt. Ford uses rebuilt clutch and pressure plates when they replace the parts. Every time I had rebuilt clutches they only lasted 1/4 of the time than the original.