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Bad Pony
11-03-2006, 10:18 PM
I recently sent an email out to the club mail list and after doing some research (via KBB & Edmunds), I came to the conclusion I set the price a bit high, even tho the car is highly modified. The HP/TQ #'s listed are using 100 octane, I believe the rwhp was in the area of 425 using 93 octane. The Autologic chip has 4 programs on it, 100 octane blower/30hp nitrous shot, 100 octane blower and 2 93 octane's... 1 more aggressive than the other. I originally asked $22k but I'm thinking more along the lines of $19.5k. I've put a lot of hard work into this car but I'm ready to regroup and get another Cobra in the next year or 2. Any feedback is appreciated on the price but I just don't think I could take any less with the mods on the car. Price would include 2 additional front tires, the original spoiler, the original battery and tray and anything else I still have in the garage. This car has only seen the rain maybe 4 times in it's life, each time I was caught unexpectedly in a shower :)

1999 Mustang Cobra
622HP/548TQ w/30hp Nitrous Shot
• Vortech E-Trim Supercharger (13psi)
• 03 Cobra Fuel Pump
• Compucar Dry Nitrous Kit
• Custom Ported Lower Intake Manifold
• BBK Twin 65mm Throttle Body
• AFM Powerpipe
• Autologic Computer Chip
• Bassani Quiet Thunder Stainless Steel Exhaust
• BBK 1 5/8” Long Tube Headers
• BBK Off-Road X-pipe
• Richmond 4.10 gears
• Ford Racing Aluminum Drive Shaft w/ DS Loop
• Maximum Motorsports Sub-Frame Connectors
• Raxles Performance ½Shafts
• Steeda IRS Bushing Kit
• Steeda Adjustable Clutch Cable Quadrant
• MGW Short Throw Shifter w/Cobra Shift Knob
• HAL 12-way Adjustable Shocks
• Tokico 5-way Adjustable Struts
• Maximum Motorsports Caster-Camber Plates
• Anthony Jones Engineering Tubular K-Member
• Hawk Racing Brake Pads
• Stainless Steel Front Brake Lines
• Hawker 12lb. Battery w/ custom bracket
• AFS Polished Cobra R Wheels 17x9 F - 17x10.5 R
• Firestone Firehawk Tires 255/40-17 F – 285/40-17 R
• MGW Billet Chrome Interior Pieces
• MGW Billet Fuel Door/License Plate
• Sullivan Racing Stainless Steel Door Sills
• Autometer 2-Gauge Pillar Pod w/Boost & Fuel Pressure
• MRT Hood Struts (replaced factory hood prop)
• Steeda Race Wing
• Steeda Cobra R Hood
• 28k Miles
• Mobil 1 Oil/K&N Oil Filter every 3k miles
• NGK TR6 Spark Plugs
• Adult Driven

Thought I would toss in 2 recent pictures with the new hood

Bad Pony
11-28-2006, 12:27 AM
Lowering the price to $18k.

Bad Pony
02-09-2007, 01:45 AM
Car still for sale @ $18k. :)