View Full Version : Dave, could you price me out a car?

11-15-2006, 12:48 AM
Hello Dave,

I have been to Parkway Ford once to test drive the C/S edition.
Could you give me a quote on:

T82/140A Mustang GT Coupe
UA - Black Clearcoat
KW - Dark Charcoal interior
44K - 5-speed manual trans
18G - Interior Upgrade Package
68B - Premier Trim
67L - Satin Aluminum
12H - Floor mat delete
13D - Spolier Delete
43A - Seat Side Airbags
455 - 3.55 Limited Slip Rear
64W - 18" Polished Aluminum
54U - Shelby GT Upfitter's Package
Shelby Drop Ship Code, 88WKH7

12-05-2006, 04:25 PM
Any update?
Ford Dealers got this today.

December 4, 2006

To: All Ford Dealer Principals and Sales Managers
Subject: 2007 Shelby GT Mustang - Information


The following information outlines the 2007 Shelby GT Mustang program, which begins production as a limited edition this month. It includes details of the: product, allocation and production timing, ordering and billing process, delivery, and warranty policy.

2007 Shelby GT Mustang

Question: What is a Shelby GT Mustang?
Answer- Product Description
The 2007 Shelby GT is collaboration between the Ford Mustang program team, Ford Racing, and Shelby Automobiles Inc. (SAI). The vehicle will be produced at the Mustang factory (Auto Alliance Inc - AAI) as a Mustang GT and be modified into a Shelby GT at Shelby Automobiles in Las Vegas, using Ford Racing and Shelby components. This vehicle will be:

A special edition produced at limited volume
Available in both manual and automatic transmission
Limited to two exterior colors: Performance White and Black (Both colors include silver stripes)
For more detailed information regarding specs and key content, please reference attached Shelby GT Information Packet.

Question: When will the Shelby GT begin production?
Answer - Production Timing
Production at AAI is scheduled to begin at Mustang Program Job#2, December 4, 2006, and conclude at 2007 Job Last. Production at SAI is scheduled to begin January 2007.

Question: How will the Shelby GT Mustang be allocated?
Answer - Allocation and Distribution
Allocation Method:

One (1) unit allocated per interested Ford Division Car Dealership
Remainder of production to be allocated based on Share of Nation 2005/06 Mustang retail sales
Please note - individual dealer order questions should be directed to your Ford Division zone mgr
Question: Are there any commodity constraints?
Answer Manual and Automatic Transmissions

Due to commodity constraint on manual transmissions, dealers that earn more than one allocated unit will be required to build the second of every two units as an automatic.
Manual- 50% (1st unit manual, 2nd auto, 3rd manual, 4th auto, etc)
Automatic- Free Demand
Question: How do I order a Shelby GT Mustang?
Answer -
The Regional Office will notify individual dealers when allocation is available for their store.
Orders to be placed in CONCEPS:
Mustang GT (T82)
Shelby GT Upfitter's Package (54U is exclusive to Shelby GT)
The dealer must add the following Shelby Drop Ship Code 88WKH7
Please reference attached Information Packet for specific ordering details and excluded options.
Question: How will I be billed for the Shelby GT MUSTANG?

Ford Motor Company:
(First billing) On the invoice for the package:

The dealer will be billed for the Mustang GT and 54U option code order amount through their normal floorplan source (the same as any other Mustang that comes from Ford).
54U option (Shelby GT Upfitter's Package) will show on the window sticker and be priced at:
Automatic transmission $2,040 MSRP
Manual transmission $2,140 MSRP
Shelby Automobiles Incorporated:
(Second Billing) For the SAI conversion - Charged to Parts Statement

Upon "Gate Released" from AAI the Dealership "Parts Statement" will receive a single charge for conversion at Shelby in Las Vegas
Final Pricing will be released December, initial charges will begin in January 2007
Charge will appear under the "Miscellaneous" section of the Parts Statement as a separate line item, and will include the vehicle I.D./ Contact Number/ Total Billing
Question: How will the vehicle be identified as a Shelby GT Mustang?
Answer -

Monroni Label will show the Mustang GT with Shelby GT Upfitters Package
SAI modifications will be shown on a Addendum Window Sticker
Question: How will the vehicle be shipped?

Vehicles will be drop-shipped from the Mustang factory (AAI) to Shelby Automobiles (SAI) Las Vegas for Shelby GT modifications
SAI will ship completed vehicle to dealer via car carrier, contracted by Ford Motor Company transportation services
The delivery time will vary based on logistical factors, estimated 6-8 weeks from AAI gate release through delivery to the dealer
Dealer will be responsible for inspecting the vehicle for any transportation and carrier damage

Question: What to I have to do differently from a vehicle and customer delivery standpoint?
Answer - Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI)

Dealer performs standard PDI, submitting claims through the normal process
SAI will perform inspection of Shelby GT modifications prior to shipment
Issues with Shelby GT modifications identified by dealer at delivery can be directed to Ford Racing Warranty call center at 800-367-3788 for instructions
Answer - Customer Delivery

Dealer performs standard delivery process including Delivery Checklist
At the time of delivery, dealer must review the following with the customer:
Shelby GT Owner's Guide Supplement
Amendment to the New Vehicle Limited Warranty Form
Both documents will be located in the glove compartment
Customer and dealership employee must both sign warranty amendment form
Signed warranty amendment form must be kept in the sales jacket consistent with Ford vehicle sales document retention requirements.

Question: Does this vehicle carry the normal warranty for a Ford Vehicle?
Answer Ford Warranty

Vehicle is being sold to customer with an amended new vehicle limited warranty (see attachment)
Customer signature on the form identifies that they understand vehicle has been modified
Base Mustang maintains its original Factory Warranty.
Answer Shelby Warranty

Shelby modified components include a 3/36 warranty
Description of the modifications is included in the Shelby GT Owner's Guide Supplement. This supplement and the Amendment to the New Vehicle Limited Warranty Form are located in the vehicle glove compartment. Please contact Ford Racing Warranty call center at: 1-800-367-3788 with any questions regarding these documents.
Answer Ford Racing Performance Parts

Ford Racing Performance Parts include a 3/36 warranty
Description of the parts is included in the Shelby GT Owner's Guide Supplement
Question: How does the dealership provide warranty repairs on this vehicle?
Answer Normal warranty procedures

Shelby GT vehicle identification numbers can be identified through OASIS.
When customers arrive for service, the Advisor will be instructed via OASIS message to contact the Ford Racing Warranty call center (1-800-367-3788) for instructions and repair approval.
Question: Is the Shelby GT eligible for A/X/Z/D plan pricing?
Answer- No. Similar to Shelby GT500, this limited edition Mustang is not eligible.

General questions regarding this program can be directed to the Program Center at 1-800-xxx-xxxx.


Shelby GT Information Packet
Amendment to the New Vehicle Limited Warranty