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11-17-2006, 01:28 AM
I'm looking to better my street traction and 60 foot times at the track, so I'm looking for some relatively easy, not too expensive modification suggestions for my 2001 Cobra.

I currently have stock rims & tires (BF Goodrich Comp TA 245/45ZR-17s), 3.73 gears, short shifter, clutch quadrant and firewall adjuster.

(1) Subframe reinforcement - Suggestions for name brands others are using and are happy with?
(2) Rear IRS bushing kits / control arms - Suggestions for name brands other are using and are happy with to reduce the wheel hop.
(3) Drag Radials - I was thinking of upgrading the rear rims to 17X10's, or even down to a 16" or 15" rear rim. Ideally I'd like to be able to drive to the track with the tires on, but am not 100% set on having to do that. What size combination of rear rims and drag radials would work best to fit the stock suspension? Name brands, model names and size recommendations for tires? How about the front rims and tire brands and sizes?
(4) Rear axle half shafts - It is my understanding these can break if you get too much traction from drag radials / street slicks. What manufacturers make better stronger half shafts for my application?
(5) Any other ideas/suggestions?

Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated!:thumbsup:

11-17-2006, 06:51 AM
For starters: The BFG Comp TA would not provide the best traction at the track ( I can only relate to them in how they ran on the street since I have not taken my 01 down the track but have had different brands of tires on it that made a world of difference). The stock wheels are very light to begin with so that should be fine in the unsprung weight area. If you do decide to get wider wheels for the rear end at least compare weights before you decide to go that route. It is possible to get that style wheel in a wider width and have seen them listed on some web sites that sell rims for Mustangs. As for the meats, Nitto 555 drag radials or the BFG drag radials would be fine. Another thing to consider is air pressure in the rear tires when at the track and how that relates to track conditions. I had much better ET's with 28psi and a short burst of spin on the street tires to clean them off (not heated up like you would have to do with drag radials or slicks). http://www.nittotire.com/popup_555r_sizes.asp

Unless you are pushing more than 400Hp at the rear wheels, I would be more concerned with the differential case damage than the half shafts (however, wheel hop would be the cause for concern. If you get into hop get off the throttle to save the axles and every thing else). I do not recall if the 01 diff has the rear brace or not. http://www.billetflow.com/irs_brace.htm
According to billetflow, the brace can be used on 99-04. I have yet to get one for my 04 but on the way sooner or later. The brace will re-enforce the cast aluminum cover which could get damaged under hard launches.

Other mods: $500 - $800 cat back exhaust if you still have the factory. A good 2.5inch stainless mandral bent plumbing with some free flowing mufflers would free up a few extra ponies.

Spark plugs: Irridium (denso it16) or the other brand NGK not sure of the part number. I have noticed a slight difference with the Denso's in my 01 over stock and the cheap copper plugs that everyone raves about.

I cannot comment on the other parts of the list since my 04 is bone stock other than the cat-back, spark plugs and wheels. Had I spent the same amount of time with my 01 at the track as I have with the 04 perhaps I would have more to offer or suggest.

11-18-2006, 09:34 PM
Well for starters, I see you have a convertible. I would definitly recommend subframe connectors. I have Kenny Brown, but Steeda, Maximum Motorsports, UPR all offer good ones. Being a convertible I would also recommend rear trunk brace, and strut tower brace. Second for wheelhop IRS bushings and pinion brace are a must. Again I have KB, but all the above offer good ones too I assume. Rims are a personal preference thing. I went with 18s because I'm not a regular at the strip and I like that style, but they are heavy. 15s,16s are better if your doing alot of racing(Welds & Bogarts). For tires I use Nitto DRs (see my sig below for sizes). My car is lowered and everything fits fine(no rubbing at all). I just needed a small 1/4 inch spacer in the rears to fit the wide tires. It all depends on the offset of the rims. The Nittos hook just fine for me, but I hear the Mickey Thompsons hook even better. Your halfshafts are fine until you start upping the power. I'm just over 400RWHP, and i'm thinking about swapping for some 03/04 cobra halfshafts, but if you upgrade the halfshafts you should upgrade the snub shafts also. Hope that helped a little.