View Full Version : fluid leaking from vent

11-29-2006, 04:04 PM
My friend has a 2001 Bullet. There is liquid, presumably water, dripping from the vent located above the accelerator pedal. Any thoughts on a cause? Anyone have this issue? Thanks.

11-29-2006, 04:27 PM
does it smell like antifreeze? Heater core?

12-03-2006, 11:03 AM
Is it a continuous leak? If the floor is wet and it it is antifreeze or coolant, I would definately have the heater core relpaced as well as the carpet pulled out and whatever may be under it cleaned up. To reduce the chance floor board metal rusting out. Is there any fluids on the passenger side too? If the heater core was leaking you would definately smell coolant and it would probably saturate both driver and passenger sides of the carpet. Before you start ripping out the heater core or the HVAC plenum assembly, I would investigate other sources first.

The leak could be another issue alltogether. The housing of the HVAC at the fire wall may have a crack in it or the seal may be damaged. The evaporator for the air conditioner should have a drain tube so that condensate can drip out of the evaporator housing. If the drain tube is blocked it is possible that the fluids may be comming from the evaporator enclosure. Since parts of the HVAC are housed out in the engine bay there may be a leak in the seal at the fire wall.

Also the plastic shroud that covers the windshield wiper motor assembly may be the contributing factor it if is full of water and if it dumps out above the HVAC box or above the seals on the dirvers side firewall. Three sources for water to enter above the accelerator pedal would be the clutch cable, throttle cable seal, and the steering column.

There should be drain cannels to allow for water flow around the bottom of the windshield. If they become blocked by debris water will fill up in the channels and may enter the cabin.