View Full Version : Audi S4 challenge, not a kill but at least not a win at my expense

12-11-2006, 06:54 AM
About two weeks ago, I was followed off of the main highway on to a two lane bypass road by an Audi S4 who was driving like they wanted to make a statement. I could tell by the way this person was driving that they wanted to see if they could pass me or what my car had under the hood. The bypass road makes a hard hook to the left under the overpass and typically the person in the inside lane has the advantage since the bias on the road surface pulls inward and that is where the Audi had to go since it requires less tire grip than the outside lane negative bias of the road surface to pull your vehicle into the wall. The Audi with its all wheel drive could not gain any advantage on me through the turn. All was over in a split second and needed to slow down considerably since we were gaining on slow traffic ahead. :thumbsup: Kudo's to the Audi driver who also played it safe and slowed down where most would take the advantage to pass and cut off the other driver. :thumbsup: