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12-15-2006, 12:23 PM
Inside Story (http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/news/autoexpressnews/204239/inside_story_secret_test_tracks.html)

I spy with my little eye something beginning with ‘S’ – secret test tracks! Car makers may think the proving grounds where they fine-tune new models are safely hidden. But they aren’t! No amount of barbed wire, high fencing or burly security staff can guard against the prying eyes of satellites orbiting the earth. These can see everywhere. And thanks to the computer program Google Earth, you can, too. We have used the hi-tech software to look in on 13 of the world’s most heavily guarded test tracks.


12-20-2006, 06:44 PM
go northwest of that track and you'll see a huge O... not sure what test track it is... but it looks cool...

Also check northeast too...