View Full Version : Videos from the 2006 PRI Trade Show

12-15-2006, 03:19 PM
Check out the new videos we have up from the 2006 PRI Trade Show. We're broadcasting from the show daily and we're also be covering the 2006 NMRA Awards Ceremony. During the award ceremony, a “sneak peak” of our new monthly video show: “RACE CRANKERS” will be broadcast. This innovative new show, based around crank calling racers, manufacturers, and automotive enthusiasts of all types, is an automotive motorsport version of the infamous Jerky Boys!

Coming to You From PRI Orlando 2006
Check out this video! (http://www.nmratv.com/index.php?stream=http://www.nmratv.com/video/features/fps.flv&playlist=1)

Granatelli Motorsports' NEW Fuego Flash Tool
Check out this video! (http://www.nmratv.com/index.php?stream=http://www.nmratv.com/video/pri/02_Granatelli_Motorsports.flv&playlist=1)

Probe Industries' SRS Line of Pistons
Check out this video! (http://www.nmratv.com/index.php?stream=http://www.nmratv.com/video/pri/03_Probe_Industries.flv&playlist=1)

ACT Clutch's Ford Clutch Systems
Check out this video! (http://www.nmratv.com/index.php?stream=http://www.nmratv.com/video/pri/04_ACT_Clutch.flv&playlist=1)

More to come on www.nmratv.com!