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01-13-2007, 09:46 AM
:eek: Ok, so what does everyone think about the new Shelby Cobra?

The GT 500 is a pretty bad machine in my eyes, and the $42,000 price tag isn't bad as long as you get all the options and convertible top for that price.
Yet the car is going for much, much more if you want one as dealers are squeezing over $60,000 on average out of a new one. At that price, I'm sorry to say, but it just isn't worth it anymore. There are quite a few other cars that sport just as much if not more ponies (some less but are faster) for the same price or cheaper, and the GT 500 is kind of cheaply made as far as the appearance package (fake stripes) and interior. Anyone can take a stock GT drop a crate motor in it and get over 500 horses, and a much better suspension system, w/ brakes even for less money. And for the additional money it would cost you you could paint the stripes on (better) and slap a chrome cobra symbol on and still be under the running $60,000 with more horse and a better car. What does everyone feel about this?

What about the GT 350? Good thing or bad thing, I don't know much about it but heard it was another cheap Cobra knock-off so Ford could make money! I miss the days when the 98 Cobra was one of the baddest mothasucka's around.

01-14-2007, 11:22 AM
The way I see it, when I bought my 04, it was a package deal of upgrades I wanted to put on my 01 but that would have costed me more money to install.
The 04 terminator was a bargan!

Compare that to the Shelby gt500 and including the inflated cost over sticker or invoice, that is a loss once you drive it off the lot. Just in the depreciation in the shelby once it takes its first inch off of the dealer lot you could do what you mentioned (crate motor, transmission, etc in cost of the parts alone). I am not sure which is worse as far as overpricing is concerned: Shelby GT500 or the Corvette (you take a considerable bath when you buy one of those too). However, if they only made a small number similar to that of the Ford GT then the inflated cost would pay for itself since their estimated resale value has increased. There is a catch, if Carol Shelby signs the dash or visor and has officially authenticated the vehicle, that alone could keep the value if not tripple it in the long haul after twenty years from now.