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01-21-2007, 12:46 PM
Our son, Jason, recently decided to take that BIG plunge and get married. So, needless to say, $$$ is at a premium. With that in mind, he is selling his '03 Cobra to be replaced by an older model (preferrably a late build '98) that will not tax his bank account so much. It is a Redfire coupe with approx. 60,xxx miles on it (daily driver...never seen a track), and basically still stock with the exception of MM full length subframe connectors and MM IRS urethane bushings to sweeten the ride a bit. The car runs strong (don't they all?) and is in good condition with less than 5,000 on the tires and brake pads. The only concerns are a hole in the carpet and the right side taillight gets moisture in it from time to time. New carpet for the car is around $150, and a replacment taillight assembly would be about the same, I would imagine. We will take care of these if it is a major concern. Asking price is $22,900 and we can be reached here or at my home phone (865)539-1465. I'm not posting pics at this time 'cause I'm assuming you all know what an '03 Cobra looks like, but I will post them if you need to see it...no problem. Steve

01-23-2007, 12:28 PM
PM sent.