View Full Version : My old mustang at the Rock video

01-22-2007, 12:53 AM
Alot of you know me from Mustangweek ,well I wanted to show what I used to do before carshows and MW.

I was at the Rock every TNT they had for a few years and always had fun ,this video was taken in the spring of 1997 .

This is my 88 coupe ,its has a stock bottom end with trickflowTW heads ,cobra intake,C&L 73 meter,mac long tubes,an old TF cam ,it was about like an E cam back in the day.
You know your bolt on stuff and a NX 150 shot . I drove this car to work and everywhere ,it was fun ,then I put a 6 point cage in it and wanted to go faster ,then I changed my mind and let her go ,what a dumbass I was for that one.