View Full Version : FS: Parting out 99 Cobra plus extras

01-26-2007, 01:53 AM
I have sold my 99 Cobra and the guy who bought it is parting it out. If you need/want any Cobra specific items (steering wheel, amber tail lights, IRS, ect) let me know ASAP so I can "reserve" that part for you. There will be a dismantling party on Feb 10th, so the sooner you let me know the better. If you would like to know what performance aftermarket parts are in it (like the Mach 1 engine or TKO600) visit my website and click on the audio mods windows. Here is the link....


I still have the extra SVT valve covers, a REALLY nice intake manifold, and Fidanza 4V aluminum flywheel (used for 100 miles). The intake includes the Throttle body, upper manifold, lower manifold, new gaskets and bolts. This was used on the JPC Racing Cobra before they went pushrod. It was a 99 extrude honed "horse power fix" with additional hand polishing.

Make me an offer on the extra parts I still have, or let me know if you want something off the car and I can get you pricing. If it does not violate SCMC forum policy, I can post the new owners contact info for parts requests. Otherwise, just ask me and I'll arrange it for you.

Here is the email contact info for me....