View Full Version : DYNO DAY!! 2 pulls for $25.00!!!

01-26-2007, 10:44 AM
DYNO DAY!! 2 pulls for $25.00!!!

Tomorrow Saturday 1/27/07 9:30AM...... till..... ??? most of the day....

At Gullo Ford Conroe... Mustang Dyno... Quite a few Cobra people will be there... Supposedly a twin turbo also!!!

It should be fun!! :bounce: :thumbsup:

I'm going!!!


01-26-2007, 12:45 PM
wish I could make it but I've got to work....:(

01-27-2007, 08:34 PM
Well how was it Jimmy?

01-28-2007, 07:39 PM
Well how was it Jimmy?

Really fun!! Lots of different set ups there to check out and some interesting people too!

A white 1970 Hemi Barracuda(uncorked) showed up and totally wowed the crowd!!! It was a super clean resto, low compression(10.25 to 1) pump gas streeter, w/ a mild hydraulic roller.... Vinyl top and all!!! Not "Tubbed" but it did have some very large street Hoosiers out back, w/ DOT skinnies up front!!!
It at first sounded like it was cammed out the whazoo but it was just cold and running a relatively large Dominator series Holley.... which of course don't come with chokes.

If anyone knows how to turn these into clickable thumbnails feel free to have at it..... They are hot linked..


I needed to get a baseline pull on a Mustang dyno, before the Whipple and supporting mods go on.

Mine pulled a 398.8 RWHP still climbing but the pulls were stopped at only 6250...I think He assumed I was totally stock since he knew it was a stock pulley car. I wish I had told him the let go to 7. It probably would have been 400 and change @ 6500 RPM. I have my rev limiter moved up a bit, and usually shift @ 6800 on the tach which is probably almost 7 inside the engine.(factory tachs seem to be a tad lazy)

It took a long time to run everyone... I don't think they are used to that kind of volume.

There was another Mystichrome coupe there too!

He was running a JLT CAI, unknown nonstock cat back, 2.76 Billetflow pulley and idlers.
I don't know why but he only put down about 430... Which seemed low to me... maybe belt slip or a tune issue perhaps. The car was positively GORGEOUS!!!! Super clean!!!

Mine on the other hand was one of the filthiest cars there!!! I've been driving it to work lately and of course it's been raining A LOT!!!

Some mornings I just can't walk on by it... I just have to drive it AGAIN!!!

I love that car!!! It never fails to put $#!T eatin grin on my face!!! :p

01-29-2007, 07:30 PM
[QUOTE=Some mornings I just can't walk on by it... I just have to drive it AGAIN!!!

I love that car!!! It never fails to put $#!T eatin grin on my face!!! :p[/QUOTE]

I know the feeling I cant wait to get mine back. :D :bounce: