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02-06-2007, 07:32 PM
I hate to do this, and if at all possible, I'd like to keep the "why's" out of it. It's hard to sell the car as it is.

For Sale

1999 Mustang Cobra approx 58,000 miles (I need to get out to the storage garage and check for sure)

Black ext, Parchment Int

The list of goodies:


Recaro Pole Position seats from On-Track Performance
Willans 5 point "street" harnesses (2" wide)
Autopower 4 point Road Race bar, textured and color matched to the interior
I/O Port Camera mount
A pillar 3 gauge pod w/ Autometer Oil Temp, Trans temp (diff), and Oil Pressure gauges
No rear seat, factory leather seats sold long ago. Otherwise, stock, including the factory sound system. All airbags intact.
1 Craftsman aluminum racing jack


Stock, with 01 replacement "Cobra" rear bumper, fixed under the old warpage TSB
Stock 99 wing moved back about 3/4"
MGW Black anodized gas cap, one of the firsts (Thanks George!)


2000 R factory wheels
10th anniversary Cobra wheels
Existing street tires about gone, Kumho MX 285/35/18
6 older Hoosier Grand Am Cup tires, two pretty much brand new, the others, a couple of weekends left in them (for OT use, not race!)


MM caster/camber plates
MM urethane control arm bushings
Baer bumpsteer kit
MM K member brace
MM strut tower brace
MM valved Bilstien Race struts
MM coilover kit w/ 425# springs
Saleen Brembo front brakes w/ HPS street pads and Carbotech XP10 track pads
2000 R carbon fiber brake ducts
3" brake hose run from front bumper
Extra set of front hubs

MM full length subframes
Custom welded rear shock brace (setup to tie a full cage in, which at one time was the plan)
MM 2000R rear shocks
MM rear coilover kit with 650# springs
MM urethane control arm bushings
Bruce and Ken's aluminum front diff bushings, rear Delrin diff bushing
MM urethane IRS subframe bushings
Kenny Brown modified IRS cradle
Cryotreated rear rotors w/ stock pads and Carbotech XP8 rear pads
Rear hubs replaced roughly 2k miles ago ( I have maybe 3 events on them )


Fluidyne radiator
WMS cold air kit
Pro-M mass air (with WMS kit, forgot the diameter at the moment)
Superchip tuned
Romac billet steel balancer, SFI certified
Alternator has the Steeda underdrive pulley still
Battery (optima red top) located in trunk
"Fix" performed March 2000, extrude hone lower intake, not the other one

Spec aluminum flywheel
McCloed Stage II clutch, 11"
Steeda shifter
Griggs aluminum driveshaft

Torsen T2 28 spline
FMS 4.10 gears
Custom (or fabbed, however you choose to word it) diff cooler
-Mocal pump, Modine cooler, Aeroquip lines, t-stat controlled - works awesome, never over 220 after that

Bassani off road X pipe (modded from a GT)
Magnaflow stainless cat back
and an additional fabbed side exhaust with single chamber flowmasters.

Overall appearance:

Good. It has been a track car however. The hood was "warranty painted" due to cracks back around 2001. I had them fix the rear bumper per TSB to the 01 bumper at the same time. Due to constant construction locally, the front bumper looked terrible, so I had it repainted also. Paint tone is off, but when clean, looks great. Paint has the normal wear from distance driving, with a wonderful neighbor dinging the door on the passenger side. 2-ply metal, not all of the ding came out, but not distracting. Never wrecked, a couple of two wheel offs, and that's it. I drove the car to and from events, and wanted to mod it enough to survive going to and from, but make it an excellent track car. Those that know the car, know I pretty much hit it dead on. Definitely not a show queen, but looks and sounds good going to and from events, and cruising. I have the title, SVT certificate, ect. There are several with the SCMC club that know this car, and have been around it and me at several events, and know the blood, sweat and tears while building this thing. I don't think you could come close to building a "daily driver track car" for what I'm asking, and it still be a Cobra.

While I'm proud of the car, I'm also realistic. Here's what I'd like to see as far as price (which is most definitely negotiable, to serious buyers)

$15,000 obo

I have several pics, alot of them on track, some cage and diff cooler setup pics. I'll edit this later on as I dig them up on the computer.

As an afterthought: I will not part anything on this car out. I will not part the track wheels out, unless, during negotiating with a buyer, that buyer happens to not want them. Then I'll list them later - Thanks - Steve

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I hate to see you sell it Steve! Hope you get what you want for it! I do understand why you are selling it though....... :D

02-06-2007, 11:15 PM
great looking Cobra, good luck with the sale

03-14-2007, 06:49 AM
The car is now sold, to a gentleman in South Carolina. I pointed him in this direction for support and activities.