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02-11-2007, 09:10 PM
That and how about some nighttime gauges pics!!

The ones I took with the rocker switches all lit for "CC ARM" "IC PUMP" "NOS HEAT" "NOS ARM" were still screwed up? I give up, you can get a good idea with these pics and eventually you will see them all along with my LM-1, air duct shift light and center purge in movies I make from the car this coming season..



The trunk is finished, I had to run down a couple of the fasteners I bagged up & then promptly lost, but I found everything and after a good vacuming, it will be ready for the track in April!



More trunk/Battery Box/Bottle plumbing shots.. Everything is threaded up thru grommeted holes and the Ol' money pit has quite a few holes in it now!






No store bought solution for the rear seat delete. A piece of cardboard became the jig, then a circular saw and a few hacks later the carpet from Lou at Laurel Mt. Mustang (http://http://www.laurelmountainmustang.com/index-1024.htm) sent me perfectly matched the OEM carpets that were re-installed minus the sound insulation. I kinda like the looks of the rolled Aluminum firewall, no way I was covering that up!



The hood pins were adjusted with welded nuts to the exact perfect height so considerable force has to be pressed close to the pins so they can slide out. You might think they are WAY too tight if you didn't realize how flexible the fiberglass hood is! I didn't attch the plastic covered retension wires, they are more for keeping you from loosing the pins, than a safety measure and the OEM latch assembly has removed to save weight.



I no longer thread the lead for the LM-1 up thru the shifter boot, it now has it's own grommeted hole into the passenger foot well area. A custom mount for the LM-1 is in the planning! Also pictured is the connection for the SCT old school Raptor datalogger. On the street I will have my custom Flame etched fire extinquisher, but unless it is permently attached as part of a fire retardant system, it is not NHRA legal, so I will pull it out for race days.



02-11-2007, 09:18 PM
Sweet setup!!!!