View Full Version : BFG KDW2 275/40-17, should I get them?

02-18-2007, 11:52 AM
Went to my favorite tire dealer last week. They definately recommended the BFG KDW2 for my stock sized wheels. At least they can be ordered in the 275/40-17 :thumbsup: Has anybody here had experience with the BFG KDW2's? if so what did you like about them and what did you dislike about them. I am seriously considering a full set for daily driving use. If I like the tires, I can also get them for the 18inch wheels I also have.

02-18-2007, 08:10 PM
Ive got them, only really have about 500 miles on them, but they hooked nice for a street tire (even with 750+rhwp)...i'd definitely recommend them for a daily driver...ive also seen the Nitto NT-1's in action and they definitely hook as well once you heat them up a little.

02-19-2007, 05:47 AM
:thumbsup: Thank you. Every time I go for tires I end up comparing the g-force KDW2 to the brand I use. I would have gotten the 10th anniv. wheels with them mounted but at the time they were not available in the 275/40-17 so I settled on the Firestone Firehawk wide ovals as part of a package deal.

I have looked (too many times) at the Nitto site, Invo looks like a good tire but probably geared towards the import market since they lack the fitment for the Cobra (even for the 18 inch wheels I have). The NT-1 also looks interesting, but I have changed my mind on using a DOT approved competition tire for the street. I am sure the Nitto is a good tire brand and have considered the Nt-555's. I have bought tires from their sister company; Toyo. I do like the Toyo T1-R and will probably stick with them for the 18 inch wheels. The group of people I do business with when it comes to tires are very respectable and they have not sold me a tire that would not be suitable for the Cobra. Probably one reason why I have returned to them. They also recommended the BFG kdw2 tire which is comparable to the Toyo T1-R.

03-01-2007, 12:47 AM
i have the KDW2's in the 18" and i love them. they're a great street tire.

03-01-2007, 06:32 AM
i have the KDW2's in the 18" and i love them. they're a great street tire.
That is good to know. Are they as noisy as many claim (most tire reviews many claim too much road noise). Not sure if that would be an issue since I rarely hear the street noise from my tires even if they are noisy the exhaust will take care of that. I know most do not take their car out in the rain, but if you have how do they hold up on the wet? The Toyo T1-R's that I have on my 18" wheels are perfect in the rain (heavy or light), dry, and cold. If the BFG's are similar in characteristic even better since they cost a bit less.

04-12-2007, 06:30 AM
I ordered the tires 275/40-17 and was expecting the NT design of the g-force KDW's but that tire size is only available in the TT (traditional tread). I told the to mount them and be done with it. Hopefully the traditional tread will be fine. The BFG site does not identify if that tire size is traditional tread or new tread. The older web site did but they made some changes and now they do not even designate the difference anymore.

04-12-2007, 09:14 PM
I may be a little late, but I bought some KDW2s from the tirerack and I really like these tires. As far as the noise goes I dont find them too loud. In regards to the people who think they are too noisey, they probably are not driving a cobra or any other car that can drown out tread noise with exhaust not. I think the ppl that whine about tire noise with these tires must drive mercedes benz or bmw sedans or something that is quiet and does not have a lot under the hood.

04-13-2007, 06:44 AM
The same goes for the Firestone firehawk wide ovals, many complained that they were noisy.... The only time I ever heard tire noise from them was when I broke the rear end loose. Other than that they were quiet.

Daseler, I would have to assume that you have the KDW2 for not stock wheels in an 18 inch size. Either way, the traditional tread should be fine for me to use in the 275/40-17. At least it is a step up in dry traction rating than the Firestone's but fall short on the wet traction category. I could easliy get the KDW2 for the BBS wheels I have but will be hard for me to change away from the Toyo T1-R that I have mounted on them. The Toyo T1-R so far is one of the best tires I have had on the 04 Cobra. I was told that the performance of the KDW2 came close to that of the Toyo T1-R so I thought it would be worth the trial run if they came in the stock tire size. I was after something a bit more different in as well as something non-reminicent to the BFG Comp T/A tires that were OE's on the 2001 Cobra.

04-15-2007, 12:28 PM
First impressions of the BFG KDW: not bad at all. :thumbsup: They are a bit squirely when cold and hard launch when pulling out from a stop onto the highway. I would expect that from any tire. Once you drive for a bit they grip great. Dry grip is about the same as the Firestone Wide ovals but the ride quality is an improvement. The wide ovals seemed a bit harder on the bumps. I will have to take a short drive in the rain today and see how they hold up. I have driven most of the roads I am used to and so far excellent. On first impressions of the tire I would rate them as good as the Toyo T1-R's so I am happy with the tires. Tread pattern of the traditional treat is a bit different than I have seen in pictures so I will post a picture of them on this thread. As far as ride comfort, they are quiet (virgin tread), but most importantly they do not jar you too much on the crappy roads of the mid eastern PA area. If they perform as well as the Toyo's in the rain I will be one happy driver. Notes for the picture; The 285/35-18 Toyo's have been tormented in the summer of 2005 with 24 passes down the not so local drag strip and still have pleny of tread life left for plenty of more fun. The reason why I still have a mounted Firestone Wide Oval is that I damaged the wheel when cutting a turn too sharp and hit the curb with the rear inside tire.

04-16-2007, 06:21 AM
With some moderate rain (not heavy) but very saturated roads and at air temperature of 43 F wound up to be my test conditions for the KDW's. Under the same or similar conditions for the Firestone Wide Ovals that pointed out their weakness. WOW, the traditional tread did wonders in the rain. A little slip hear and there happend when pulling out then they hooked like glue. Did not experience hydroplaning or serious wheel hop (if any at all) with the KDW's. :thumbsup: After moving I even hit the throttle in short burts that would have caused the Firestone Wide Ovals to loose traction. The BFG KDW's did not disappoint and came very close to the Toyo T1-R performance in the wet conditions. You could feel a little drag when finding the puddles on the streets. Had to hit the highway and see if there was a difference with road surface. Not at all. Once my confidence was up, I pushed the throttle down even further and lets just say these tires give you the confidence of driving on rails. The BFG KDW's do fall shy of the Toyo T1-R's grip in the wet since I have been able to spin the tires to some degree when pulling out from a stop but once on the move they do give the same degree of confidence of the Toyo. The Firestone's fell short on the wet surface let alone in the rain saturated (puddled) roads.

Even though I was hoping for the New tread design of the KDW series, the traditional tread is a great all around tire and I would buy them again if the rest of the tire life performs as good as when new (with the exception of the wet performace which is to be expected to decline as the tire wears down). :thumbsup:

04-24-2007, 07:30 AM
I now know the difference between the BFG KDW's and the Firestone wide ovals since I have been able to drive it in various weather conditions including temperatures in the low 80's.

Let me start off with where most tires are weak, wet weather:
Both the BFG and Firstone were fine on just wet roads (not saturated) with temperatures in the 70's when it comes to cornering and simple manuvers on the highway. The BFG's excell in traction over the Wide Ovals in the wet surface when it comes to more agressive driving. I am surprised how well the BFG's hook on the wet roads including heavy rain and well saturated (pooling water) surfaces. The Wide Ovals did not perform as well in those conditions (tendancy to hydroplane even with new tread) and the performance dropped considerably when the temperature drops to the 60's or below (spinning the tires on the highway at 60mph not fun). Overall wet performance of the KDW :thumbsup:, overall wet performance of the Wide Oval :( . I know most do not like to drive their Cobra in the rain, I do not either but I do get caught in some bad weather from time to time.

Dry weather:
The BFG kdw's have excellent grip in the cool temperatures. Not sure how well they will perform in the really cold temps but did have an opportunity to drive with them when the temperature dropped into the mid 30's. The Wide Ovals tend to loose some grip in the cool temps that low. But the big difference is in the hot temps when we enjoy our cars the most. Hands down, the Wide Ovals far exceeded the traction and hook that the KDW's are capable of. Most of my driving last year with the Wide Ovals, I found it difficult to break the rear loose while moving. I was really impressed with them in that regard. So far the Wide Ovals provided enough hook to cause the 04 to bog down on the street. These tires will stay hooked in first gear. There was a transition period where the tires just did not perform so well once at half tread, but once down below 4/32 of tread left they regained their grip. The BFG kdw still are green at this point. It is easy to break the rear loose when moving in first gear. It seems once you spin them a bit the grip improves. The wide ovals were quite opposite. If you heated them up with a little spin they got greasy. The Wide ovals were a good street tire but a bit stiff on the side wall for comfort. That stiffer side wall improved driving confidence on the tight turns. The BFG tire seems a bit softer in that regard but so far has not let me down since I did not hit anything yet. I am not saying that the BFG KDW was a bad choice. So far I am having fun with them. I think I could pull off more G's in a tight turn with the Wide Ovals than I would get with the KDS's. Overall dry traction (green tire) BFG :rolleyes: too early to say at this point. Cornering of the BFG is good but a bit of rollout at the apex is noticable when tires are cold. The only time I hear noise from these tires is once they break loose.

Overall dry traction of the Wide Ovals :thumbsup: excellent for the street. I made a few passes at the strip with them and my average ET was a bit higher than what I had with the Toyo's. The stiffer sidewall of the Wide Ovals probably suffered my ET at the strip. Wide Ovals are a good corner carver.

04-26-2007, 06:45 AM
I got a nail in one of the tires in the rear which may have attributed to the loss of traction since the right rear had only 16psi of pressure. I guess keeping the damaged wheel with the Firestone paid off which took its place so I can get the tire repaired. My plans were to cycle the tires for a few weeks of driving and then remove them and let them sit for a month off the car. Once I put the Toyo's back on I will see if I notice any difference. At least I feel the KDW's make for a good seasonal tire when the temperatures and weather can be unpredictable (for Spring and Fall, excluding winter). I will have to see if air pressure can make a difference (tires had 37psi of pressure). There is one notable difference with these tires than what I have experienced with others. Once the car sits overnight I get flat spots that takes a few miles of driving before the thumping dissapears. Flat spots occur on all 4 tires since I can feel it in the steering. I sure hopt that is no indication of tread separation from the belts.

04-29-2007, 10:47 AM
While I was at the tire dealer dropping off the flat tire for repair, I looked at the same tire out for display. The side wall is very stiff from what I can tell by feel of the unmounted tire. I have a thought as to why the tires are not holing up to my driving habits, they were nitrogen filled. The firestones I had previously were not. I can easliy remedy this with traditional air and see if there is an improvement. At least that would explain why the tires have that soft feel when driving. :mad: what pissed me off , the wheel was in perfect condition when I dropped it off, I noticed that the paint was chipped off on one of the spokes when I put it back onto the car. I would have seen that right away but the manager insisted that he carried out the wheel to my exploder when I picked it up. I should have had it fixed at the place where the tires were mounted in the first place (Auto Addictions), even though they are part of the Jack Williams group I had the tire fixed at a Jack Williams tire center. At least they could have told me the wheel got damaged.

05-06-2007, 09:45 AM
Since the tires were filled with nitrogen, I decided to get rid of the spongy feel and pack in some old school are from the air compressor. What a difference that made especially on tight turns. The back end still looses grip under hard acceleration but so do most street tires. They are improving a little with use. I may take them off the car this week and let them sit for a while since I sort of miss the performance I have with the Toyo's.