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02-25-2007, 01:27 AM
Here are some of the last shots of the interior, just waiting on the anti-roll bar set-up from Miller Race Cars and then the mufflers and tail pipes can be fabbed followed by testing and tuning at the track. Not really coming to grips with the reality the 16 mos project is finally winding down.

I went with the non-woven Kirkey covers, they were a little cheaper but I just liked the way they looked better, don't care if they don't wear as good, I will just replace them if needed

Not much padding but I got the wide rides so they shouldn't be that bad, I'm not planning any long cross country rides anymore! Short rides shouldn't be at all, my back is at a good angle, my hips and legs can move freely without getting pinched down. They will be hot, no doubt but I was surprised how molded they seemed to be, they know how to make a functional seat

The anti-submarine belt of the Simpson Cam lock system, nice setup

The RidgidRaceCars billet Kirkey mount for mustangs only leaves a tiny hole in the Stock carpet, I'll fix it with a swatch and some hot glue

The billet mount fits right in to the interior IMHO

I think I have kept my interior stock appearing with all added functionality blended in a Pro Stock tradition. Clean but not blinged up.

The LM-1 presents somewhat of a problem, I can keep it on top of the console, using the power plug inside the console, where it was before but we are thinking about fabbing a mount to have it suspended in front and to the right of the right side air duct, angled toward me if I can reach the record button while belted in. It will be slicker than a cue ball if we do it, but not sure if I can reach it and the LM-1 is so big there is no other place that would work without obscuring something else. I never worried about seeing it before but with the NOS I may be able to spot a problem if it was higher and in my sight lines near the shift light. I always look at my AFR logs after rolling back to the pits but who knows I might be able to get out of it mid pass if I have a fuel problem and go blow-up lean, especially while I am developing the new NOS tunes.

This is the spot I think I will velcro mount the SCT Raptor data-logger, it was just loose on the floor before but I think I will clean up the wires and have one less thing flopping around. Not interested in hiding it in the glove box because I will have to be able to plug the laptop in and out of it after every pass so I want it really easy to access thru the passenger side door

I have the other 18" wide Drag Kirkey to install on the passenger side complete with 5-point Simpson Cam Lock belts and removable laptop mount system and the interior is complete except for some more cleaning.

Soooo close, getting so darn close! :thumbsup:

02-25-2007, 09:18 PM
Somebody made the suggestion to go with a windshield mount for the LM-1, I guess Innovative actually sells one for $75 (ouch).

I already have the G-Tech on the windshield, low in the corner near the pillar behind the inspection sticker, but the LM-1 wouldn't fit in that spot, the G-Tech is small. It lets me record some telemetry and gives me another programmable shift light if I need to short shift into 2nd on a cold track. I just press it on before I stage and forget it except for the light if I need it and it does not impair the view of anything except the back of the stickers. I have a couple suction cup mounts for cameras, probably could convert one of those, but there are 2 problems the first one is I don't think I could reach it belted in but even if I could I need to see into the other lane (when I'm in the left lane) to gauge my closing speed to determine if I have to brake or not, so I really don't like anything on top of the dash but that was a good idea for sure!

I was wanting it as high as it could get without sticking up above the dashboard sight lines. My idea was to bring a thin plate out from mounting screws that are in the area of the yellow arrow and have the unit roughly positioned like illustrated but angled towards me and far enough over as to not block the raptor shift light in the air duct which I could move to the left hand duct but right now is in the right hand duct angled towards the driver for maximum visibility.


But if it is too far for me to reach the record button while belted in then well I'll have to figure out something else.

Joe Lynch has his centered right in between the air ducts and if I had a heads up tach with attached shift light, that would be exactly what I would do too and may end up doing if I decide my stock tach is too low. I don't look at it much, just wait and focus on the shift light, maybe I should just attach the shift light to the LM-1 centered between the air ducts?

I'll figure it out, just kinda want to go slow as far as cutting and hacking on the dash.