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03-04-2007, 06:43 AM
On my 01, the JLT CAI and Magnaflow are the only things done to it. However the oil was low yesterday. I added three quarts. I plan to watch it for the next few hundred miles closely. The heads were removed 17k ago and were supposed to have had new seals put in as well as a couple of valves, and the heads were "cleaned up" by the shop that did the warranty work. I am wondering what test should be performed to determine if the heads are the issue or the lower end. Reason being if the heads are it I will go ahead and get a set of heads and cams. If the lower is the issue I will wait and build a 5.4 na for it. Got to figure this out soon though. Any suggestions?


03-04-2007, 11:34 AM
I would look for signs of external leaking of oil first. Check the oil filter and make sure it is clean and not the source of oil loss. Follow that by the drain plug. While you are under the car, look along the engine block for signs of oil at the seam of the oil pan, front bearing seal of the crank shaft, and finnaly the bell housing of the transmission for any signs of oil. The next areas to inspect would be around the valve cover gaskets as well as the timming chain cover. If you find an external leak it could be related to the repair work done if the rubber gaskets were not properly installed. Aslo since you had some repair work done, if the valve stem seals were not properly installed or a missmatch of stem size in comparisson to the valve guide openning would create an oil consumption issue.

If you are burning oil, the spark plugs would be the parts to look at first. If they are saturated with oil or heavy carbon deposits it would be time for a compression test to determine where the source of oil is comming from. If the engine passes a compression test as well as a leak down test, it would be the valve guide seals causing the issue. Both compression and leak down will determine if the valve seats and or piston rings are the cause of loss of compression. A comparisson of a dry compression test to a wet compression test would determine if the rings are at fault. If there is good compression for dry and wet, that would rule out the rings.

03-04-2007, 08:31 PM
I had the same problem and mine was the nipple coming out of the oil cooler that the oil filter screws on to and it came loose some how probably after the last oil change and was leaking around the cooler down on top of the oil sending unit. It would only leak while the car was running.

03-06-2007, 04:04 AM
The shop that I have looking at the cobra is leaning towards the valve seals. I think there exactly a metric butt load of them. The debate is on...add the other heads/cams, headers w/elec. cut outs now or just the seals. I really lioke the first idea but the boss(wife) is not sure yet. The fr500 heads and cams as well as the ford install kit are what quite a few are suggesting. In addition, a tune when it is together. Got to stay na, the boss says no forced induction until I buy a new mustang that has a blower w/warranty. I would prefer one of those, but am curious of a kr model is coming in the future. In the interest of cost I saw the mac lt headers were not 'spensive and the cut outs from summit weren't too bad. At the car show here in Va Beach the dealer quoted my wife $43k and change for the GT500. Am I going to have issues holding the dealer to that price? Thanks for the responses, will know today about the outcome of testing.


03-07-2007, 12:42 PM
WOW :eek: 43K!!! That's MSRP.

The dealer here is not letting them go for a penny under around 66K, I think. Our dealer has a coupe and a vert. The coupe is around the 66K mark, the vert being around 70K. He's marking them up 19,995.99. If you can get the GT500 for 43K, you'd better be buying it. I know I would be, hell my wife would probably beat me down there.