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03-13-2007, 12:31 AM
2 more 99SS vids - 10/8 13.2 - 10/14 13.0

My 99SS is a 6-speed stock LS-1 with 4.10 gears but original clutch and Nitto DRs


First ever pass on the 1st Day to the track with the 99SS! Babying the clutch and trying to figurehttp://04snake.com/images/gifs/new.gif
out how to get the Nitto DRs to hook with the 4.10s! 13.231@106 *BIG* 49Mg (http://04snake.com/movies/99SS-2006-1008-13231_106.wmv)
Instinct took over on this first pass ever on 10/8! Lower 320x240 Res (http://04snake.com/movies/99SS-2006-1008-13231_106-low.wmv)http://04snake.com/images/gifs/new.gif

Second to last Track day of the 2006, Saturday Oct 14, Nitto DRs hooked pretty good!http://04snake.com/images/gifs/new.gif
First sign of the Evac Purge in this 2nd pass which killed 4th! 13.091@103 *BIG* 57Mg (http://04snake.com/movies/99SS-2006-1014-13091_103.wmv)
Decent 60ft on DRs in this second pass of 10/14! Lower 320x240 Res (http://04snake.com/movies/99SS-2006-1014-13091_103-low.wmv)http://04snake.com/images/gifs/new.gif

Here are my best passes from 10/15 (Last day of the year!)

This is my 3rd & last day at the track for 2006 and the cool air presented
more problems with my tune and lack of hook than it gave me an advantage
with HP. Still trying to figure out this new to me car and even though I had
mercy on the original clutch in this thing, still had a lot of fun making passes.

My best of the day was 3 13.3's and this is the last one I got on the 5th pass


I ran it richer while sorting out the tune, No timing pulled in top gear! 13.365@105 *BIG* 44Mg (http://04snake.com/movies/99SS-2006-1015-13365_105.wmv)

No timing pulled in 4th gear 105mph! Lower 320x240 Res (http://04snake.com/movies/99SS-2006-1015-13365_105-low.wmv)

The SS is easier to drive than the Cobra, chasing the AFR in pass 4! 13.331@104 *BIG* 51Mg (http://04snake.com/movies/99SS-2006-1015-13311_104.wmv)

Chasing the AFR in the 4th pass! Lower 320x240 Res 13.331@104 (http://04snake.com/movies/99SS-2006-1015-13311_104-low.wmv)

No Gamblers action. Fighting tune issues in this second pass! 13.337@102 *BIG* 35Mg (http://04snake.com/movies/99SS-2006-1015-13337_102.wmv)

Fighting tune issues in this second pass! Lower 320x240 Res 13.337@102 (http://04snake.com/movies/99SS-2006-1015-13337_102-low.wmv)

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Only two more 13.0 vids from the first track day and I'm ready for this year!

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