View Full Version : All NC Mustangs Welcome!! LOOK ~ April 22 Cruise!!

03-19-2007, 07:21 PM
Hey guys me an 96GT226410 (http://www.mustangforums.com/showprofile.asp?memID=31206) have been trying to work this out an I think we have.

We are going to cruise April 22. We have people from Greensboro, Burlington, an Raleigh area that want to. So we decided that I will meet the people from Greensboro, Burlington area and GT22 will meet the Raleigh people an we will all meet up at the Durham Mall.

I will meet everyone that wants to go at the Burlington Mall, it is the Huffman Mill Exit then take a left. I will be there probably around 11:00am. I am heading out by 11:15am!! Everyone try to be on time if you want to go.

Any ideas that you want to bring with u are more then welcome, we would like to start a Mustang Club up an if you want to join or just check out everyones rides an hang out come out. We are going to meet up in the Durham Mall at the JCPenny an hang out at 12:00. This is nothing serious just a fun time to get away an relax, so if you want to bring friends or girls along its cool...

96GT226410 is going to post where he is going to meet everyone on his end.

Post here if you want to come... thanks again hope to have a big turn out!!

Remember it is ANY an ALL YEAR Mustangs, ANY ENGINE SIZE!!