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03-29-2007, 11:54 PM
Pair of 13.0's in 2nd and 3rd pass ever in this stock LS-1

My 99SS is a 6-speed stock LS-1 with 4.10 gears and Nitto DRs

My track car is a Cobra, this is my fair weather DD and cruzier

Just drove it again for the first time since December, felt real good after 3 mos


These last two new original vids finish up my leftovers from 2006, only 7 total.

Here are my second and third passes ever in my 99SS from Oct 8 2006. I tuned it on the backroads myself with HP-Tuners and it was working good that first track day ever.

My first time to the track last year was for points, but without the Cobra, I used the SS to record these two 13.0's in NHRA Pro non-electric class on the last points race Sunday of the season. The second qual pass was 13.096 so I dialed a 12.98 and my first round elimination red light pass of 13.043 was after a real crappy burnout.


This 13.0 2nd Qual beat my 13.2 1st qual! 13.096@106 *BIG* 35Mg (http://04snake.com/movies/99SS-2006-1008-13096_106.wmv)http://04snake.com/images/gifs/new.gif

2nd qual is a solid 13.0! Lower 320x240 Res (http://04snake.com/movies/99SS-2006-1008-13096_106-low.wmv)http://04snake.com/images/gifs/new.gif


I was going for a hole shot and missed by 1/100th! ran it out 13.043@107 *BIG* 46Mg (http://04snake.com/movies/99SS-2006-1008-13043_107.wmv)http://04snake.com/images/gifs/new.gif

Not a bad top end at 107mph! Lower 320x240 Res (http://04snake.com/movies/99SS-2006-1008-13043_107-low.wmv)http://04snake.com/images/gifs/new.gif

Next up, tuning the Cobra for NOS and the higher boost, can't wait and the vids should be pretty good too!

here are the rest of my 2006 movies in the 99SS:


The last 13.0 was on 10/14/06 during Saturday Test-N-Tune *HUGE* 56Mg (http://04snake.com/movies/99SS-2006-1014-13091_103.wmv) -or- Lower 320x240 Res (http://04snake.com/movies/99SS-2006-1014-13091_103-low.wmv)

First pass ever after street tuning it! 13.231@106 *BIG* 50Mg (http://04snake.com/movies/99SS-2006-1008-13231_106.wmv) -or- Lower 320x240 Res (http://04snake.com/movies/99SS-2006-1008-13231_106-low.wmv)

No Gamblers action. Fighting tune issues in this pass! 13.337@102 *BIG* 43Mg (http://04snake.com/movies/99SS-2006-1015-13365_105.wmv) -or- Lower 320x240 Res (http://04snake.com/movies/99SS-2006-1015-13365_105-low.wmv)

The SS is easier to drive than the Cobra, chasing the AFR in pass 4! 13.331@104 *BIG* 51Mg (http://04snake.com/movies/99SS-2006-1015-13311_104.wmv) -or- Lower 320x240 Res (http://04snake.com/movies/99SS-2006-1015-13311_104-low.wmv)

No Gamblers action. Fighting tune issues in this second pass! 13.337@102 *BIG* 35Mg (http://04snake.com/movies/99SS-2006-1015-13337_102.wmv) -or- Lower 320x240 Res (http://04snake.com/movies/99SS-2006-1015-13337_102-low.wmv)


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