View Full Version : Losing twice to Florida

04-02-2007, 10:22 PM
I wonder if the Federal Emergency Management Agency is making arraignmentss to handle the big event coming up in Ohio. Can you imagine the catastrophe that will hit there when they lose a second national championship to Florida in one year? I hope FEMA handles this one better than they did Katrina. They should be mobilizing the grief counselors and the Valium tankers already. All multi-story buildings should be evacuated to prevent additional loss of life and what can be done about that big old river that runs through the state? I mean all those people who cannot swim jumping in what can be done? Maybe they should just forfeit and say the players were sick or something rather than subject all the fans to the humiliation of actually losing to Florida twice in one year! :eek: :D ;) :rotf:

Of course this does have a major downside for the rest of the country also. This country is already getting crowded as it is but what are we going to do with all the Gator fans walking around for the next few years with heads the size of the Goodyear blimp. I mean they already call it Title Town what next? Of course it might not be that bad seriously can Gator fans get any more obnoxious??:rolleyes: :eek: :doubt: :thumbsup: