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04-19-2007, 05:36 AM
On my 01, the clutch has been on for around 12k. No more adjustability in the pedal. Stock cable etc. Clutch is the 03 aluminum flywheel/clutch assembly from ford. Is the clutch worn out? No slippage felt but I am concerned.


04-19-2007, 07:23 AM
If the clutch disk was worn out, more than likely you would have slippage. Once it starts slipping, the occurance of the problem escallates exponentially. However, it is possible to have a completely worn out disk and still have strong holding power as I found out with my 04. Even though the TOB was part of the problem, the noise I heard was the rivits of the disk grabbing the flywheel. The aluminum flywheel has a hardened steel friction surface on it. If you hear any odd noises when pulling out slowly then there may be issues with the disk. More than likely, the stock clutch cable has streached to some degree. This is one reason why I like the UPR clutch quad and fire wall adjuster. There are three attachement positions on the quadrant so if the cable is longer than it should be (due to the remanufactured clutch and pressureplate assembly) I was still able to use the stretched cable. I eventually replaced the cable since I thought there was too much loading on the TOB and did not want any loading on the pressure plate release springs. If the clutch assembly and pressure plate is from ford, they normally do not use new parts, typically remanufactured is what they use. Rebuilt parts will wear out differently than parts that are not remanufactured. (disks tend to be slightly thinner and the pressure plate springs may be weaker than new originals).