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05-01-2007, 08:49 AM
I have recieved some good advice in the past and thought I would check wtih the experts to get some tire info. I am looking at going with 18X9 and 18X10. I have started looking at tires and the reviews are so wishy-washy. The "suggested" tire sizes are 265/35/18 and 285/35/18. I was hoping to get some opinions on the sizes and also some good options for the brand. I have G-Force sports on the stock rims now. I like them and they are a little cheaper than Nittos or Goodyears. However for the application I think I would rather have a better tire. Just not sure which way to go at this point. Thanks!!!

05-01-2007, 10:39 AM
I had the Toyo T1s's on my car and really loved them. They handled really well in the wet weather, and had great traction in dry. They hooked up well, and I could take corners pretty good without feeling like the tires were going to give. I got atleast 20K out of mine, and that's with some spirited driving. You should be able to go with a 295/35/18 tire if you want with a 10" rim. That's the only tire opinion I can really give ya, I just got a new set of tires that aren't even on the car yet. The brand is from Europe called Vredesteins, we'll see how they do. Supposedly they did just as good and better than some other name brands in a 6 part wet and 6 part dry test.

05-04-2007, 07:22 AM
I had the Toyo T1-s as well, The rears wore out fast. It took the fronts two years to wear the side treads down. The T1-s will wear a bit quicker than the T1-R's (which is the improved replacement for the T1-S). Having T1-R on all 4 corners is even better now that I replaced the front tires (finally).

265/35-18 is a bit shorter in diameter than a 275/40-17 for a 9 inch wheel. 275/35-18 is a closer match to the stock tire and should fit a 9 inch wheel but will be 2% shorter in diameter than a 295/35-18. (tire spec on the T1-R lists the 9 inch as the minimum wheel width for the 275/35-18). The closer the diameter of the tire to that of the rear the better since it will not over burden the ABS system. If your front tires were 8.5 inch in width, then a 255/40-18 would almost be an exact match for a 295/35-18. Even though the 255/40-18 will fit a 9 inch wheel, may be narrow. Too bad they do not make a 265/40-18 which would have the same diameter as that of the 295/35-18.

Use the tire size calculator to match the tire diameters as close as possible.
Look at the tire spec sheets for sizes (they also list revs per mile as well as actual diameter which may be slightly different than the tire calculator).
http://www.toyo.com/docs/tires/product_spec.asp?lpid=18966&name=Proxes T1Rô&category=sport

05-05-2007, 07:39 PM
I have the Goodyear GSD3's on mine (275/40/17 & 315/35/17) and they are a great performance tire for handling & wet weather. Do they stick ... when they are warm they are okay, but they are more of a driving tire. A bit expensive, but so are the Nitto's, Michelins, BFGoodrich, etc.

05-06-2007, 02:22 AM
Im running the 275/18s on mine in BFG KDW TA2s ... i love them. Wouldnt have anything else!!! I was told going smaller than a 275 up front will hurt the handleing on the temys.

05-06-2007, 09:25 AM
Im running the 275/18s on mine in BFG KDW TA2s ... i love them. Wouldnt have anything else!!! I was told going smaller than a 275 up front will hurt the handleing on the temys.
For a 9 inch wheel, what you were told does have merrit. I would not drop down a tire width size on a 9 inch wheel and stick with a 275. In my case, the aftermarket wheels I have in the 18 inch variety are only 18x8.5 for the front and 18x10 for the rear. Right now I have 245/40-18 on the front which work just as good as the 275/40-17 mounted on 10th anniv. wheels. Actually I do notice a difference between the two different wheels sizes. I have much better control and cornering stablility with the 18x8.5's than I do with the 17x9's (some may be due to the shorter side wall and most of it is related to tire design as well as lower weight of the tire and wheel, even the 18x10 with 285/35-18 weigh less than the 275/40-17 on the 10th anniv. wheels).

05-07-2007, 06:18 AM
I finnaly swapped wheels and placed the BBS wheels back on the car. What a difference. I find it more difficult to break loose the rear with the Toyo T1-R's even at half tread life. If Toyo would make the 275/40-17 in the T1-R I would definately get them (unfortunately the do not at this time :( ). I will probably run them for the month and swap back to the 10th anniv. wheels with the BFG kdw TT's on them.

As for wheel recomendations: I would get 18x9 for the front and 18x10 for the rear. Tire size for the front end 275/35-18 and for the rear you can use the same size or max out to 295/35-18. Right now I have 285/35-18 mounted on my 18x10 and can manage to fit my entire hand between the tire and the IRS mounting bolt (part that extends out into the wheel well) on both sides (when the car is on the ground). There is about 1/2 inch clearance when the rear is off the ground (hanging freely when on jack stands). So far I have not needed to use spacers but If I went to a wider tire that may change. I got lucky with the BBS wheels since they have the correct back spacing. When you go aftermarket, make sure the back space is maintained when compared to the factory wheel. When checking new wheels with tires mounted on it, always check the clearance before driving the car for the first time with the new parts (vehicle must be on the ground and supporting it's own weight).