View Full Version : Large lot of PC's for sale in Houston only

05-23-2007, 03:23 PM
Ok, here is the deal. My company has some old PC equipment that we need to get ride of because we are moving. I could take it somewhere and sell it, but I would rather sell it all cheap and have someone come pick it up. So, I thought I would post it here and see if anyone is interested. Some PCís are missing items and some just need an OS installed on them. We are looking for someone to take everything at once and leave nothing behind. We have the following:

Dell Poweredge Server 2400
Dell Optiplex GX150 933 mhz
Dell Optiplex GX150 933 mhz
Dell Optiplex GX150 933 mhz
Dell Optiplex GX1
Dell Optiplex GX260 2.4 ghz/ no memory/ no power supply
Dell Optiplex GX240 2.0 ghz
Dell Dimension XPS T600r 600 mhz
Dell Dimension V400 400 mhz
Custom built server
1 Tan 15 CRT
1 Tan Dell 19 CRT
2 Black Dell 17 CRT
5 Tan Dell 17 CRT
1 Tan Compaq 17 CRT
1 Tan Samsung 17 CRT
2 HP LJ 4L Printer
1 LX-300+ Epson Printer

$400 for everything. Bring a big truck, a moving dolly and some help. We are located downtown at 600 Travis. Due to previous issues, I canít hold this equipment. First person to show up with money in hand gets it. We will have more equipment in the future, so hopefully .

Contact: Keith Hicks 713-250-4228 or email me at keith.hicks@smhgroup.com

Also, at our Galleria location we have:
3 Black Dell 17 CRT
4 Tan Dell 17 CRT
1 HP LJ 4000 with a broken paper tray

$75 for all of this stuff.

All items pick up only, no shipping.