View Full Version : A few more minutes of fame for Whistler

06-04-2007, 02:51 PM
Check out page 236 of the July 2007 issue of 5.0 Mustang and Super Fords mag.

Thanks to Bill Tumas' connections. Bill, the new engine in Whistler runs like brand new! Ready for another 165,000 miles.

Big Daddy
06-05-2007, 11:27 AM
So the charger is back on and she's all tuned up??? I hope the swap went easily and it's too Cool that you've made 5.0! I'll check it out congrats! Hope you've been doing well. I hope to be doing more stuff with the club if I can get out of traveling to Boise, ID!

06-06-2007, 08:23 AM
I seen the pic Dave and even told the wife you where in the and showed here the picture.