View Full Version : Update on BFG KDW (TT) tires at the strip

06-23-2007, 01:16 PM
Had these tire for some time now and so far I am pleased with them. Reason for the update: I finally made some passes down the drag strip with them. SWEET. Could not even get a spin out of them on the track. They hooked like glue on every launch (just a little chirp and that was it). I could have beaten my best time if the car was not already heat soaked from the drive up there. I was running in the high 12's on a few passes but numbers increased to mid 13's latter on since I did not let the car cool down, besides that I just was not in the mood to race the car. Every launch was from low RPM and could have done much better if I bumped it up ( did not want to break anything, lacking the IRS Brace and a good clutch). Considering where I run, I always found it difficult to get into the 12's on a Friday night simply due to tire spin. Last night I was not even trying to compete but did okay for the little effort. :thumbsup: Note: I did not drop the air pressure in the rear. Tire pressure when hot was about 42 PSI.

I would definately buy these tires again whenever they wear out.