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07-05-2007, 12:32 PM
SOOO much to do yet, this is just one of many more shakedown passes. I'm having lots of trouble going from a 26x10.5 to 28x12.5 tire but I had to concentrate on the tune for the first 2 trips to the track, hopefully I am finishing that phase up. This is my last pass from my 3rd day at the track with the new setup, I already drained my bottle so I'm going blower only and it practically was a hot lap. I spun over 1/2 of the way thru 1st but I had been trying to dial some spin in, just got too much. I am granny shifting to make sure I get good datalogs. The car pulls timing it gets so hot by third gear and only runs 11.30, but the run does verify the tune and was encouraging because it launches flat & straight with spinning tires and is easy to drive still. I never pedaled, it sounded like it wanted to hook and they were not shuddering so I am getting closer and I think I am better than the dead hook and bog I was doing the 1st two trips to the track.

I am playing with new camera mount locations, as always feedback on the movie is appreciated. :cheers:

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Just want to look at the logs? I know a couple guys that might want to.



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