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07-08-2007, 09:53 PM
I like others bought one of the cobra replacement grill emblems for my car not soon after I got it. Once installed I had reservation about it, as it seemed so small that nobody really can make it out in the distant. Much less the fact it looks so small in the space its given. While at Fun Ford Weekend at Atlanta dragway I saw my first 07 GT 500 up close. What hit me was how big the Cobra emblem is in the front grill. I took some measurements and looked at a loose badge at one of the vendors at the event. After thinking about it and some measurements on the car I realized the new Shelby piece would fit. Also the cobra is much more detailed than the fender emblem used in the one I had purchased. I ordered a GT 500 Cobra emblem to start my project. Checked the sheet metal used to make the one I had purchased. picked up some 16 ga. sheet steel which was a match, and started work. I had to separate the New GT 500 Cobra from its backing that mounts it to the 07 Grill. Cut out a piece that matched the Cobra's shape. made an angle bracket just like the one I already had and tack welded it the the piece I had made. Once satisfied it was centered top to bottom, left to right, and the proper depth in the grill I made permanent welds. I also added a angle piece to reinforce the length of the emblem as it would flex due to the thickness of the steel. I painted the bracket black, and attached the cobra to it. Only 2 things about the process bother me. I dont have a powder coat company near by to powder coat the piece, and the only emblem tape I could find was grey. Other than those 2 things I believe it came out rather nice. Here are some pictures. Just thought I would show everyone in case they felt that their cobra grill emblems were kind of puny and wanted to upgrade.

Here is the one I purchased after getting the car.


Here is a comparison to the one I made.


Here is one of it on the car.


And a close up to see how its mounted.


Hope if any of you have had the same idea this help you with deciding if you want to try this yourself.

07-09-2007, 06:28 PM
first of all good job, but sorry I think the smaller one looks better

07-12-2007, 12:10 AM
The smaller one "fits" better to me. But it may look better in person.