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07-12-2007, 07:22 PM
My SN-95 has a Hyper-Tech chip, underdrive pulleys, an MSD ignition and Blaster-3 coil, and a Flowmaster 3-chamber cat-back.

It's pulling 170HP on the Dynojet, and that seems really low... especially sinccne factory specs say 240. My question is this:

Does anyone know how the HT chip works? It's supposed to be "self-tuning"... I'm wondering if that's not part of why it's coming in so low on the dyno.

Maybe it's supposed to be that low when it's just straight-up dynoed... it sure doesn't seem to have any issues with take-offs (I can smoke'em but good if I'm not careful)... so I'm confused. I've been a mechanic off and on over the years, but never for performance vehicles and never involving a dyno, so I'm really not sure what it all means. :)

Thanks for helping out a n00b. :D

07-13-2007, 03:22 PM
How does the car feel compared to other stangs with close to the same mods?

Just cause the dynojet gaving you a reading that low doesn't mean that it is, a bunch of factors come into play while dynoing. If it is a reliable shop and they know what kind of info needs to be entered into the computer before dynoing then you should come out around the 250rwhp mark.

I've never dealt with the HyperTech chips so I'm not sure what to tell you about those, do you have a dyno graph with a/f etc..
What is the a/f ratio on the dyno and how does the graph look?

07-13-2007, 05:59 PM
I have the graph from the last time I had it dynoed.

Under 3400 RPM it had issues, after 3400RPM it punched out a wad of HP and torque really fast.

Unfortunately I don't know jack about this aspect of things. Not something I'm used to since I'm in the tech world professionally. It's frustrating.

Anyway, we just moved and I dunno where the freakin' chart is... if I find it I'll scan it in and post it here.

07-13-2007, 10:34 PM
With the mods you have, your car should be putting out in between 215 and 225 rwhp. You might want to get it dynoed again because 170 is definitely too low. That's less than a stock 94 Mustang GT.

Unfortunately, the 94-95 is a hybrid type computer where it is half 93 and half 96 type of computer. It has a lot of restrictions inside but can be manipulated to over come some of the Ford parameters to make the car run better. I called my 94 "Pokey" till I got it chipped with an SCT chip and a tune. It came out with 250 rwhp and after adding the AFR 185 heads, it put out 303 rwhp/333 rwtq. :thumbsup:

07-14-2007, 12:48 AM
the self learning aspect has more to do with part throttle fuel trims. This is your areas where the computer is using sensors to adjust fuel rather than given data tables. All computers have this ability and its roughly about 15% adjustability on the pcm's part.

Coincidentally this is how alot of tuners get away with tuning alot of cars in day they dont take time to dial these in properly and just let the car try to learn on its on.

Bad side is that these parameters are lost everytime you disconnect the battery.

The hypertech usually are just pos chips with base files that may have given semi-safe/productive results on one car. No 2 cars are ever the same no matter what. Of all the ford cars ive seen tuned the 03/04's were the closest to being the same but these can even have such minor differences that cause major problems with the way the car operates. I.e. my car pegged the maf on a 2.76 pulley catback and cai. Another friend of mine with 2.76 catback and cai came close to pegging but didnt but we made within 10hp of each other.

Best bet is to find a reputable tuner near you and have them put an sct chip on it and dial it in.

Also what kind of transmission do you have? If its automatic it could explain some lower results. Given its listed as svt in your avatar section i would assume its straight drive but anything can be swapped :p