View Full Version : Ford Crate Motors

07-30-2007, 12:52 PM
Does any-one have any experiance or comments about Fords crate motors?
Put one in with an e cam two months ago and after breaking it in took it to
the dyno and after the third pull made 446 hp and 430 lbs. of tq. at 5500 rpm.
Probably could have made more but the 30 lb. injectors seemed to be holding
it back. Anyway I was pleasently surprised at the numbers and the tune seems to be safe as its not running out of fuel and holding its own up to 5800 rpm.
The blower is 11 years old and still putting out a good 5 lbs. of boost. Im thinking of going with a Snow Boost Cooler in a month or so and would like to hear what you guys and girls think.