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just registered ill post some pics and stuff later but if you realy want to c them u san go to www.insanemustangs.com (http://www.insanemustangs.com) and search svtsilversnake... ive got some on that site. i also joined this site because its specific to the svt cobra's and i personaly have an 01 cobra with a few mods. and i had a specific q for anyone who might know if its a big deal. i notice that when i rev past 6000 sine i shift into 2nd at 6500 i notice the gear **** vibrates quite a bit but everything sounds health just not sure if i shouldnt be shifting at 6000 instead but whe i fhift at 6500 i puts me right at 4000 rpm which helps me pull through secound gear better since max tourqe is at 4700 and max hp is around 6000. any advice is helpful thanc and im lookn forward to postn more

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welcome to the boards:thumbsup:

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im not sure i know how to put picture in my profile. its set up a little differentt than what im used to. help..........please.lol

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Welcome. As far as posting pics all you need to do is upload pics to a site that can host the pics such as photobucket, putfile, or any other site and then copy the link and paste it into the post and PRESTO it on. If you can't seem to do it send me the pics red04svtcobra@roadrunner.com and I will post them up for you.

08-06-2007, 08:22 AM
The vibration could be clutch chatter, or the dampening ballast on the transmission is moving (vibrating). It could also be loss of traction of the tires at the shift points. If you had the stock rear gear (3.27), the issue is the 2nd to 3rd gear shift since it takes a while for the RPM to pick up to get to the shift point. Changing the final drive ratio from 3.27 to 3.72 or 4.10 would improve performance as well as shorten the time to wait for 2nd gear to wind out before hammering into 3rd gear.

08-06-2007, 11:18 AM
^^^^^ausie you are the man, btw welcome to the site poster

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Welcome to the site.

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Sorry I jumped right in and did not welcome the new member, Welcome svtsilversnake :thumbsup:

I used to have an 01 which I can still remember.

What I believe would cause vibration in the drive line other than what was stated earlier
1. Aftermarket clutch depending on type (full race clutch will chatter but more so at a lower RPM). This is more annoying than an issue of concern.
2. Clutch slip in the differential
3. If the vibration is not random and if it occurs at high RPM every time, could be off balance drive shaft or miss-matched yoke position if the drive shaft was dropped to replace clutch, may not have been indexed properly.
4. Pinging or detonation on the mild side if the A/F goes lean (may be difficult to hear it if you have an aftermarket exhaust. From 5000 RPM and up there is a different timming curve the PCM uses and if too far advanced may lead to power loss. You could probably rule that out since you mentioned everything seems in good order.

I could probably think up more but that should cover it.....
One last thing, It could also be the fuel cut off if the tach is slow. Fuel shut off should occur at 7000 to 7200 RPM on that model year. I used to punch mine all the way to 6800 RPM if not higher. The rev limiter may be kicking in at a lower RPM but that would be noticable and much more of a vibration.