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08-23-2007, 08:18 PM
I am toying with the idea of selling the mystic as there is a possibility to get into one of my dream cars. This is by no means a rush sale, as I have no desire to get ride of the car quick. Many of you have seen the car, and she speaks for herself. The car is running perfectly, as I have fixed all the little bugs it had when I purchased it. Everything on the car works, a/c, power window, power locks, cruise control, etc. The cobra just turned 75,000 miles. I guess now on to the goodies, I most likely will forget some things, as the list is rather long.

Within the last 3 months, the car has had:
New fuel pump, filter, and gas tank gaskets.
new rear bilsten shocks
New steering pump and high pressure lines
New rear end c-clips, gaskets, fluid

Steeda underdrive pullies
K&N Filter
New Plugs
New Ford Wires
Canton 7qt with windage tray oil pan
SCT tune with dyno tune
308 rwhp 303 rwtq

BBK long tube headers
Bassani O/R x-pipe
Magnaflow Catback

Suspension: (same as MM "grip in a box package")
I know I am missing some things.....
Griggs K-Member
Griggs Lower control Arms
Griggs Coil-Overs at all 4 corner
Maximum Motorsports C/C plates
MM Torque Arm
MM Panhard bar
MM rear lower arms
MM front sway bar
Braided Brake lines

Odds and Ends:
Pro 5.0 shifter
Fluidyne Radiator, override on the fan switch
4.10 rear gears
New Spec clutch
Recaro "cobra R" front seats
Autopower 4-point rollbar with all extras (tubes and thickness)
6-point driver harness
5-point pass harness
Fuel Press, water and oil temp gauges
class I hitch
Kenwood indash radio with component speakers and sub

I have tons of extra parts/spares

Race stuff:
Tons of extra pads/rotors
6 cobra R 17x9 rims with very slightly used Avon Tech R tires
4x5 utility trailer with tire rack and storage unit

The car is by no means a trailer queen, she has 75000 miles,and there are rock chips, scratches and such. But I have take good care of car, detailed the car a few times, and looks really good. I will take various offers for the car, would like to get around 11.500, and then increases in price depending if you want everything, tires, trailer, rollbar, recaro's, as those items are very pricey, and will resell rather easily. If somebody wanted the entire package, I think 14 is a steal. Here are a few pics.













08-27-2007, 06:52 PM
I recently had the opportunity to purchase an 07 Shelby! My 96 Mystic has 7800 (seventy eight HUNDRED) original miles. Everything is stock. I live in Oregon and the car has never seen the rain! That is why it has so few miles.

I feel like the car should be worth at least $22,000 in mint shape. Any ideas how I should market it? Am I unrealistic as to its value? Thanks!

08-30-2007, 02:34 PM
Wish I could give you some suggestions, but by the number of posts I have recieved on here, you can tell I am not doing so hot either. And I feel like for the price, I am giving it away. And I have the title in hand, willing to help deliver, and will work with the price, and still haven't got a single reply:(

08-30-2007, 10:48 PM
Well, if I was in the market, this sure would be at the top of the list...no one can get their own car ready for the track like this and have all the stuff that goes along with it for this price!!

I hope you find a new owner soon!