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10-09-2007, 12:56 PM
Not done yet but I am starting to understand how to handle hitting the tires real hard with a stick launching at the limiter. I am running 11.0, 11.1 more consistently with my eaton in hot air. Most 60 fts are around 1.52 - 1.56 with one 1.51, but I have to keep 12+lbs in the tires so I am always on the ragged edge of smoke'm them. Any lower and the Stiff side M/T slicks collapse bad, but if I prevent that they are hooking hard enough to pull the wheels a inch or so most passes with only 500 hp and almost full weight (3610 w/me).

the first pics are if I cross the line of not enough air (11.5lbs) & too much rpm (6500) for my clutch, flywheel, 10x26" tire, air bags psi, combo.

the second one is a real good hit on the tires, my best 60ft 1.51.



now for my new recent pictures adjusting to track conditions and trying some other small tweaks. I have managed to keep from making them angry but if I miss the other way (too much air:spin or not enough rpm:bog ) I can end up with a 1.58-1.62 real easy, so by stiffening and focusing the 9" with the anti-roll, Mach1 springs and 5-to-20lbs in the air bags with a 5-7lb stagger I have a very small window of setup to get the most out of a tire that I can plant way too hard, way too easy!

oh well the mushy IRS used to be much more very forgiving.







nice to be back online, replacing the laptop that died during a pass 3 weeks ago (9/14) was a real PITA.
Trying to get older software to run on vista sucks on top of all the $$$$! :mad:

10-09-2007, 02:15 PM
Dayum, nice pics and man that monster hooks!!!