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11-19-2007, 02:30 PM
S! SCMC Members!

Because you guys always invite HPD to your events! We would like to invite you to one of ours! Had a blast at MSR with SCMC! Looking forward to my 5th track event with you cats!

Mission Control in Houston has given Houston Performance Driving the all GO! All Clear for launch on the 25th of November (Sunday). The last HPD South Coast Cruise was in May '07 and we had major success. More than +150 cars/trucks/bikes rolled to The Island for a great day of fun. The cruise before that was +230 rides, so you know the HPDs cruises are the best in The Power City. The HPD Coordinators would like to invite everyone to come out and enjoy a day of safe fun. Come enjoy a cruise with Vipers, C5s, C6s, Z06s, Supras, Porches, Mercedes, BMWs, Cobras, GTs, Z28s, SSs, Lightnings, SRT 4, 8, and 10s, 350Zs, G35/37s, VWs, Minis, WRXs, EVOs, and much more! (This is a OPEN* cruise for both Imports and Domestics, however I can promise you this will be a RICE FREE event! That goes for Uncle Bens, Asian, and Euro Rice!)

I. Cruise Outline:

A) There will be (2) meet locations for both *Northsiders and *Southsiders. The Northsiders will roll out from the Kingwood area and link up with the Southside crew on 288 @ 518 Pearland area. Once the groups have joined and safety talks are complete. The group will roll down 288 S to Lake Jackson where there will be a pit stop at Buckey's AKA "The Beaver" for drink/restroom/fuel break.

B) The group will continue on to Surfside Beach and head up the coast on the Bluewater Highway to Galveston Island.

C) Toll Bridge: There is a system in place for the toll bridge. The toll is $2.00 FYI. Toll Pay System: I will pay for the first 10 rides. The car that is #11 will need to jump out and collect $2 from the next 9 rides = $18+your $2 = $20! The ride next in the chain will jump out and collect $2 from the next 9 rides....ext, ext. Last cruise of +130 rides only took us 15-20mins to get through.

D) Once on the island we will break 2* hours for a late lunch. We will be eating at Salsas Mexican and Seafood on the Seawall. I have already RSVP'd for 80 ppl! Please join us for some good Ole MeXXXican. Also feel free to eat where ever you wish on Galveston. Just meet back at Cherry Hill in 2 hours from lunch time.

E) After lunch meet back up at Cherry Hill (East Beach) for regroup and pics. Once done we will roll back to Houston. Break off has your exit comes up!

II. Meet Locations and Information:

A) Northside Meet Time/Location - @ 10AM w/ rollout @ 10:45AM. Meet up at the open massive parking lot on 59 N between Kingwood Dr and North Park Dr. (There are no stores or anything in this parking lot. There may have been stores there at one time but the entire strip-center is empty. This lot is also easy to exit and make the U-Turn to 59 S and enter the freeway.

A - Map:

B) Southside Meet Time/Location - @ 11:15AM w/ rollout at Noon. The parking lot for Southsiders will be at the Academy on 288 S @ 518 W. (It is a new building that was not there last time we cruised that way. Also Google Maps does not show it.)

Note*: The Academy is on the NW corner of 288 S and 518 W. Be careful there is some construction going on there. The map link shows where the Academy should be, just not yet built.)

B - Map:

III. Cruise Safety and Rules:

A) Zero racing! This is a fun cruise not a fun run! There will be speed monitors that are HPD Staff Members what will radio any unsafe drivers or rule breakers. Please do not showoff or drive outside of your ability. If I get word of unsafe driving I will talk with that driver on the down-low. If I have to warn the same driver 2 times....I will ask you to leave the cruise. I know this will not be an issue because everyone wants to cruise right!? We have all spent hundreds and thousands of $$$'s and god knows how much wrench time getting our rides to where they are. Please use your heads out there!

B) Keep the N20 bottles closed and keep the boost on low. Thank you.

C) Please use signals at all times.

D) Seat belts at all times.

E) Please keep control of your passengers.

F) Mind your speed at all times. Keep it safe!

IV. Cruise Gear:

- 2 Way radios. (These are such a lifesaver on cruises. It is amazing how much better cruises are when you have one. Great way to know whats going on during the cruise.)
- Radar Detector.
- Sunglasses.
- Full tank of fuel.
- Hot seXXXy female copilot.
- NOS E-Drink.
- Video camera.
- Respect for Imports and Domestics.
- Positive attitude.

V. Contact Info:

Troy Dixon - HPD Staff/Cruise Coordinator. (Houston Performance Driving) Feel free to PM here on or E-Mail tdixon@crown-staffing.com (tdixon@crown-staffing.com) and I'll get back ASAP.

VI. Questions or Concerns:
- If you have questions or concerns about the cruise, safety, route or whatever, please PM or post the issue and I'll get on it.

Hope to see alot of you on this SCC. Please join HPD for a great cruise and good time! Sign up on roll call! Link:

3! - 2!! - 1!!! Houston you are GO for main engine burn! Woo Wooo!

Thank you!

Troy - HPD Staff!:thumbsup: