View Full Version : Filler Port Question

12-22-2007, 02:06 AM
My engine is now being completely rebuilt, and since I've shelled-out big biscuits to get rid of that pesky, annoying "ticking noise" (lol), I want to ensure also that all current issues are resolved before breaking-in the rebuilt engine. One unresolved issue is that the filler-port cap on the engine's crossover tube is seized in-place, and I don't want to be stuck some day cussing the SVT design engineers for the faulty design that leads Cobra crossover tube filler-caps to seize in-place after a few years of heat-cycling.

Is there a fix for this filler-port cap seizing in-place--baking to the point that it breaks multiple quarter-inch socket drives? Will anti-seize compound help prevent the filler-port cap from seizing, or is anti-seize compound not rated for temperatures that high?

Thanks for your help.

--Professor Chaos