View Full Version : 1994 Cobra Svt Need A Value

02-20-2008, 10:01 PM
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I am new to this club , But I need some advise from some of the seasoned MUSTANG Guys & Gals out there. I have come into a 1994 Red Beauty , SVT this is 1 OF 1500, It has a Ford motorsports engine,Kenny Brown Trackit plus rear suspention, Full Roll cage , Raceing seats on both sides, 5 point harhess, This car has only 59.000 origanal miles I have reciepts going back more than 10 years, the car has a clutch problem I think and the valve train is making noise. I think this is due to the battery going dead and the on board computer loseing power. It has an onboard tuning system that hooks to a laptop to make adjustments, I don't have the laptop that holds the prhogram at the moment but it is coming soon, I also have the origanal. 5.0 shortblock that came out of the car.

Now here is my delema.... Do I keep the car, or do I sell it and if Sell how Much do I ask for it?
can anyone help me out on this?