View Full Version : good news for you guys with a front plate

02-21-2008, 07:38 PM
I read here a few days ago about someone wanting to know an alternative for the front license plate. Hope this helps someone

With the Show-n-Go Retractable License Plate Holder (http://nsvirtualurl.com/app/crm/marketing/campaignlistener.nl?__lstr=__cl&__r=64392&c=407041&__h=a0e24dd637154fbee6a5&_od=aHR0cHM6Ly9mb3Jtcy5uZXRzdWl0ZS5jb20*&url=http://www.ninosport.com/Altec-Show-n-Go-License-Plate-holder-400U?leadsource=27) by Altec you can display the front plate when you need to, and then easily retract it when you go to a show or gathering and want your Mustang to look its best. The retracting mechanism is made of top quality stainless steel with a satin black coating, while the license plate holder is made of a tough but nicely finished polymer composite. All necessary hardware is included and installation is super easy.