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03-07-2008, 08:13 AM
I recently purchased a 03 Cobra. It currently has the stock eaton s/c. I am having it ported to a steg stage 5. Since the s/c will be out does it make sense to upgrade the intercooler? What are the benefits, pros, and cons?

03-07-2008, 08:59 AM
i would recommend you get the evenflow head cooling mod since the sc will be off though. :thumbsup:

03-07-2008, 11:07 AM
Thanks for the input. As part of the modifications I will be including the LFP cooling mod!

Big T
03-08-2008, 11:47 PM
I had a hell of a time getting the LFP head cooling mod straight into the hole. Make sure you cool the piece down good to shrink it. I haven't heard of many people upgrading the intercooler. It is a good idea to clean it while it is out to get the oil off of it. I can't remember what I used to clean it. I'll repost later to give you the spray to use. It is cheap and easy to do.

Big T
03-09-2008, 08:59 PM
I used non-chlorinated brake parts cleaner. Get about 3-4 cans depending on how much oil you have. Then get an oil separator($35) to keep it clean in the future. You will be amazed at how easy the spray cleans the intercooler. Just spray the outside, not the interior of the intercooler. It will look brand new afterwards.

03-10-2008, 08:16 AM
Thanks for the tips!

03-21-2008, 10:30 PM
The stock intercooler setup is pretty efficient, but I went with the bigger is better theory and upgraded to the LFP heat exchanger. I was able to mount it in about 20" without having to remove the front fascia. Pretty straightforward and worth it, esp if you plan on changing pulleys on the Eaton.

03-22-2008, 03:54 AM
i believe what you are referring to is the heat exchanger not the innercooler.

The innercooler mounts below the supercharger, the heat exchanger is the piece on the front of the car that the fluid flows through to cool down once it has been through the innercooler

The innercooler is super efficient and does not require replacement.

The heatexchanger is a good upgrade. ***It DOES NOT give you added horsepower*** it only allows you to maintain the horsepower you are creating for longer.

In other words it helps keep the water cooler and makes it take longer to heat up, and that helps keep your horsepower up. Once you start building heat up you start losing horsepower.