View Full Version : I decided to do a write up on gt40 pumps in 03 cobras

03-22-2008, 07:50 AM
I had good friend of mine nearly loose the motor in his terminator the other week because a shop removed his pprv and installed gt40 pumps and told him this was fine for his car. Well he calls me up and tells me how the car isnt hesitating after shifts because he had pprv removed but the car didnt seem right. I asked him when he had this done and who done it, he told me (wont mention shop name) and that they put gt40 pumps in to. After he told me this I explained to him no, it doesnt work that way that you cant just put the gt40's in without more support work, so I asked if the shop did this, he called them back and they said well thats why we run an upgraded wire to the fpdm. Well needless to say this shop didnt do that. So they left him on the stock wiring installed gt40 pumps which can draw upwards of 25amps and the stock fuse on teh stock wiring is 20amps, Can you guess what happens when the fuse blows :thumbdwn:

Also installing gt40 fuel pumps require a retune of your car's fuel system.

Truth is, its not just installing the gt40's and driving on, and this write will explain why, as well as how to properly go about installing an upgraded fuel system for an 03 cobra capable of handling large amounts of power.

Ive done several of these lately so I figured id do a write up for others so they wouldnt be on the bad end of the stick because of lack of information.

First off need to give thanks to everyone who provided info and support
-- TruDynoSports
-- Mjchip - maker of modified fpdms
-- James at RWTD
-- Modularpowerhouse.com
-- Modularfords.com
-- svtperformance.com
-- foreprecision works
-- lethal performance
-- and the countless anonymous posters who added invaluable information

and here it is WRITEUP (http://www.innovativesitedesign.com/03cobratech/gt40pumpupgrade.html)